Gamer 2.0: Top 9 of '09: #8 - Ghostbusters

Gamer 2.0 writes: "For the next 8 days, we at Gamer 2.0 will continue to count down the 9 games we're most interested in going into 2009. We aren't saying these will be the best games, we're saying we're watching these 9 the closest. Our countdown will end with our #1 game on New Years Eve, just in time to ring in another new year of gaming.

And #8 is…

#8 - Ghostbusters

Seeing a Ghostbusters game in action in a way that doesn't elicit nightmares of my wasted youth, but rather the joy of the movies made me take interest in Ghostbusters. Good looking visuals? Check. A script penned by none other than Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis? Check. Faithfully translated ghost-wranglin'? Sign me up. I really hope Atari doesn't let me down with this one."

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