Why Are Live-Service Games Failing So Badly?

Wait, weren't these sort of games supposed to be the future?

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S2Killinit47d ago

Good. Love it.

Personally I think because they are mostly the same sh&t and there is only room for a limited number of them thriving at the same time.

dumahim47d ago

Isn't it kind of obvious? The market can only support so many. Everyone wants a piece of the pie, so they try and grab a slice, but many fail because they're chasing a trend someone else was already successful at instead of bringing something new.

FinalFantasyFanatic46d ago

Exactly, people only have so much time and money, and there are so many of these games now, gamers can't support them all, thus they all flock to the most popular games.

I also feel like alot of these developers don't have enough of a road map to keep the content/updates flowing to keep the game fresh for players. I also feel that alot of dvelopers try really hard to nickle and dime players at every opportunity when a live-service game can demand alot of the player's time and money.

Godmars29047d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Because they're focused on making money, appealing to addictive traits, than actually being fun.

MrCrimson47d ago

Because live service became zero content and reskins.

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The story is too old to be commented.