Xbox 360 sleeper hit of 2009

Mike Ferro writes,

"With 2009 finally underway Xbox 360 gamers are most likely looking towards the future. To be honest as of right now there has only been a few games that have been revealed to be coming out on the Xbox 360 exclusively. However, I believe Microsoft may not have revealed all of their games just yet.

I know that Microsoft has some games in the pipeline that could turn out to be some big projects. Also, the company is hard at work developing on what is rumored to be several new IPs for the casual market. The blunt truth is there has been very little revealed in regards to the game line up for 2009 on the Xbox 360.

However, out of the known games I would have to say Alan Wake could be the sleeper hit of 2009 on the Xbox 360."

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morganfell4209d ago

Microsoft talks even when they do not have anything. If they were packing any kind of heat they would have said something by now.

More mad attempts to put their finger in the dyke.

dirtrider4209d ago

you and the rest of the droids would be getting off on it, since its on 360 and pc, you droids hate it. oh well. enjoy ya boring ass playstation.

Piece Of Spooge 34209d ago

Poor morgan.....still wasting his whole life on this site.

pp4209d ago

Microsoft talks even when they do not have anything. And i guess you work for Microsoft You droids are pathetic you should be trembling for the announcements which Microsoft will announce and i guarantee they will knock your socks of to Kingdom come ass h*le. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE MICROSOFT you've been warned.

IzKyD13314209d ago

"Microsoft talks even when they do not have anything."--Microsoft usually doesn't have anything....just like the fact that they don't have anything for their 2009 lineup

geda4209d ago

pp forgot his meds again... how embarrassing!

Magic_The_Celt4209d ago

Thanks for the heads up pp

il be looking foward to the Xbox 360 exlusives of 09, and the PS3 exlusives of 09

pitty you cant say the same :( since mummy wont buy you a PS3

Ah its good to have the best of both worlds

OGharryjoysticks4209d ago

What studio is making it? Microsoft doesn't have many studios left. Now the pipeline could turn out to be a 3rd party game that Microsoft pays for so to recieve timed exclusivity in 09, but outside of that possibility, I'm uncertain there are any fireworks.

morganfell4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

What pipeline? The one they are systematically disassembling? Ask Ensemble Studios about the MS pipeline.

It isn't a sleeper hit, it's just asleep.

Elimin84209d ago

Never posted any news article on here before but though one of you have and might wanna do so... here is the article. I thought it was interesting. This is not a fanboy thing or any... just check it out.

meepmoopmeep4209d ago

how could it be a sleeper if it's Alan WAKE

get it? sleeper? wake?

ah, forget it...

morganfell4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )


You never posted an article here before but you have been a member for over a year so you should know that what you are doing is OT and could better be handled otherwise.

Also the story has been posted already.

meepmoopmeep4209d ago

thanks, yours is cool too.
abstract rocks.

NO_PUDding4209d ago

Outside of Meeps joke, Alan Wake is like one of the most hyped 360 games ever.

So it's bollocks to say that it will be a sleeper hit.

gaffyh4209d ago

Alan Wake looks good, but I personally do not believe that we will see it any time during 2009. MS definitely needs it in 2009, but I just don't see it happening.

NipGrip4209d ago

You're very close with the WAKE comment.

Alan Wake. A. Wake. Awake.

The name of the game (if I remember correctly) was given by 3DRealms, the folks that brought us Duke Nukem and also consulted on the game Prey, naming the main character Tommy Hawk. He was a Cherokee Indian. Tommy Hawk.. Isn't that clever?

meepmoopmeep4209d ago


yeah, this one is hyped up by a lot of xbox owners


haha, yeah i know... i tried :(

morganfell4209d ago

Here is the other issue. Alan Wake may be good but it isn't a system seller or even a game that really allows people to flaunt their console. It's like Halo Wars - a game I have preordered. It's a great game but it doesn't have new buyer drawing power.

jwatt4209d ago

"Sleeper hit" I think this may be the most anticpated title for the 360!

Anon19744209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Out of the exclusives due out in 2009, Alan Wake is the only one I'm even remotely interested in, and I'm skeptical we'll even see it in 2009. To me it feels like MS is winding the 360 down, probably in preparation for the new Xbox. I can't for the life of me think why else MS has no big exclusives in the works. No one has seen hide nor hair of this game - and has it even been confirmed as a 2009 launch? I'll believe it when I see it. It seems like all the big 360 games are delayed a few times before they see the light of day.

Aclay4209d ago

Hmmmmm..... I wouldn't really call Alan Wake a "Sleeper Hit" because other than Gears and Halo, Alan Wake is supposed to be the 360's next biggest title.

I suppose because there has been a lack of info for very long periods of time for Alan Wake, the guy writing the article is Lowering his expectations for the game or something and now the game is "Sleeper" status for him. For the most part, I think this guy is just trying to avoid Overhyping Alan Wake.

If Microsoft/Remedy doesn't start getting the ball rolling with Alan Wake by at least GDC and showing some new footage by that time at a Gaming Event before E3, I'm going to start doubting whether or not Alan Wake will make a 09' release.

Alan Wake and Spliter Cell Conviction is really one of the only few titles coming out on the 360/PC that I really want to play, and I hope that Alan Wake does end up a good game, because if so, I will probably pick it up on the PC.

PimpHandHappy4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

can that be a game you have known about for a couple years? Sleeper hit for me is something like Dead Space. I heard about it but it was never the end all be all game for a certain system. Sci-Fi horror shooter. Sounded good...turned out great


Alan Wake
cant be a sleeper hit

but it can get traffic and ppl talking about the game again! Good job internet

BWS19824209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Looks nice to me, Max Payne is in my top 5 (the PC versions, never played on the consoles) ever....MS might just have had a bit more steam this year if they weren't so damn frivolous, seeing as how the 1 Billion they spent on the RRoD issue could be divided up into 15,000 laid off workers to pay each one for 12 months of $66,667, they might have just basically threw away 15,000 families' well-being for the RRoD issue if you twist it around. I'm not going fanboy, this is sad news, and I'd think this way if it was any other company. Sony obviously has its own problems, and I'm honestly not trying to really bash away at MS, or go off topic, I'm still in awe, because I thought they were spending like mad in the games division because they had it, and the dried up exclusive list (until we hear more at E3 or GDC) and lay offs shows they didn't, they really bit off more than they could chew, and those eggs were counted before hatching IMO. I really think, though, that this is on topic, because the lack of titles is probably rooted in the economy and this is bad for everyone, gamer or not.

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HighDefinition4209d ago

This and a few expansion packs are all that coming out in 2009 for the 360.

TheExecutive4208d ago

its not a sleeper hit but it is one of my top 3 most wanted games of 09... right behind KZ2 and Uncharted 2.

Cicinho4208d ago

I got my Xbox for Christmas because I want Alan Wake. Decided months ago I would get one for Alan Wake but with ps3 having no good online shooters at the minute, I got my Xbox early.

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Raoh4209d ago


i think alan wake will be good. i have high hopes but do these wanna be writers know what a sleeper hit is?

alan wake is heavily discussed. has shown trailers that have gamers excited. and if its a success its an expected success.

sleeper hits are games no one talks about that some how climb in sales and reviews with little to no hype.

Sully4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

Prototype (official typeset "PROTOTYPE") is an upcoming sandbox-style action game in development by Radical Entertainment and based on an original IP developed in-house. On the Prototype website a mysterious timer counts down to January 8th, 2009. Still no official release date has been given yet. Prototype is stated to release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows platforms.

Exclusive means ONLY ON ONE PLATFORM. Not PC and Xbox , Not Xbox and PS3 and definitely not PC, Xbox and PS3.

LOL i got a disagree for proving Prototype isn't Xbox exclusive ROFL!!!

If you crybabies disagree with my FACTS provide counter evidence. You disagrees are cowards at least have the guts to show yourself.

MasFlowKiller4209d ago

Sleeper Hit?
I don't think so, as of right now Alan Wake is the highs profile 360 exclusive, but hopefully we will get more exclusive to compete with Sony's PS3 09 lineup

Karum4209d ago

Prototype could well be a sleeper hit, I'm looking forward to seeing more of that game as it gets closer to release.

And Raoh makes a good point on the definition of sleeper hit, not to say Alan Wake won't be good but I think he nailed the definition of the term "sleeper hit" I mean it's already getting a fair bit of hype.

meepmoopmeep4209d ago

"sleeper hits are games no one talks about that some how climb in sales and reviews with little to no hype."


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Spike474209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

The only thing that stands out other than AW is the OTHER Halo game and Splinter Cell. I'm sure MS has 1 or 2 other exclusives in addition to Mass Effect 2 but the 2009 lineup doesn't seem too strong.

BattleAxe4209d ago

I think Alan Wake might be a good game, but I don't think its going to be a huge hit at retail.

morganfell4209d ago


Most MS execs and 360 fans are predicting the game will be big when it arrives. That means it can't be a sleeper hit. A sleeper is a game that came in when you weren't expecting or looking for it, or simply overlooked it. It was thought to be nothing and suddenly it rises to be a stellar title. That definition does not fit Alan Wake. It is predicted to be a big hit. Where did these writers attend grammar school?

MasFlowKiller4209d ago

Unless the game has legs, you know a game that keeps selling a decent amount even after its release.