Hogwarts Legacy Review – Positively Charmed (PS5 and Xbox Series X) | WhatsGood

WG: Hogwarts Legacy has done what no other franchise game adaption has managed – it’s brought the magic.

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ladyramkin114d ago

I'm so excited to play this. Wonder if it'll become multiplayer at some point?

Ognipode114d ago

The world is so incredible, and I'm so happy that they made this a single player game... but it would be crazy to think that this couldn't expand into a multiplayer expansion similar to what was done with GTA Online, or even what was planned for Cyberpunk.

shinoff2183114d ago

I hope they just leave multilayer alone. Put that into another game.

Angyobangyo114d ago

Can't wait to see folks on the gamingcirclejerk subreddit lose their minds.