New Heavenly Sword Screenshots and Art

Developed by Ninja Theory, Heavenly Sword is a visually stunning martial arts drama set in a mythical time and place in the Far East. The game combines the intense action and visuals of the best martial arts action movies with a ground-breaking, free-style combat system allowing players to freely switch between multiple sword types and a wide range of weapons on-the-fly. Check out the new screenshots below.

achira6311d ago

wow very nice pics. fyck i want more and more games,...

6311d ago
pRo loGic II6311d ago

looks pretty good, the game will be fun no doubt about that.

pRo loGic II6311d ago

I can tell by you're accent and how much you love games, GAME on little dude.

clayton6311d ago

in the screenshots, there are too many jaggies. Where's the AA?

achira6311d ago

there is AA. without AA you would see far more jaggies. the reason why you see them is because of the bright / dark colour contrast.

OutLaw6311d ago

This will be one of the games I do want.


well yeah, its the only one that looks good!

Shadow Flare6311d ago

These pictures are great! They're so atmospheric. Even IF the graphics aren't on par with these pictures, they show what kind of game it will be, and it's looking great. I think the first few images are the best

PS360PCROCKS6311d ago

Anti-Aliasing, not to be a hater but anyone notice the first couple pictures are all good, but than when you get to the 6 with people in them they don't look nearly as good, maybe just me, looks fantastic no matter what though, I just think the environment pics might be fake...but this is not a bad comment so dont try to bash me

JIN KAZAMA6311d ago

well, not done yet 360rocks, it'll get better i am sure.