American judge dismisses Switch Joy-Con drift lawsuit

An American judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Nintendo for its Joy-Con drift issues, saying the case cannot proceed because the owners agreed to Nintendo's End User License Agreement (EULA) that "disallows lawsuits".

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T3mpr1x43d ago

I mean, Nintendo is still to this day replacing/repairing affected Joy-Cons FOR FREE. Successfully suing them over this would likely result in them stopping their free service. So I see this as a win.

43d ago
Angyobangyo42d ago

Or make a better product. Drift on the Switch is rampart. The fact they haven’t managed to improve on the joycons all these years speak volumes.

GoodGuy0943d ago

I wonder which console maker will finally opt in for hall effect sticks as the standard lol. I wouldn't be surprised if not til another two generations because they want people to keep buying them. Potentiometers need to go.

porkChop43d ago

Planned obsolescence. With the money they charge for controllers they could easily use hall effect. Even Sega managed to solve stick drift in the 90s by using magnets instead of potentiometers.

Number1TailzFan43d ago

Yeah I remember reading an article or something stating that Dreamcast controllers didn't even have this problem.

Inverno43d ago

It's such a simple fix, that most likely won't cost em any more than what is already used and yet the problem will persist out of… well honestly idk why these companies are against changing the sticks to something that isn't prone to easily wearing out. Stubbornness, I suppose.

JackBNimble42d ago

All 3 console manufacturers use the same part and they all have the same issue and wear out.
I'm guessing none of them care enough to actually do anything about it, after all that's big reason gamers replace controller's.

None of the big 3 care about gamers or they would fix this issue. It's all about money


The real problem is this "disallows lawsuits" this should never be allowed period, every person should be allowed the right to sue like in this case when the fault is Nintendo's. There should be a law in the US that allows that.

SoulWarrior42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Lol what a joke, an easy fix that's been a major issue for many years and nothing can be done about it because of a 'no lawsuit' clause effectively.

So of course Nintendo won't bother as the switch will keep selling by the truckload regardless lol.

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