TEKKEN 8 – Nina Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

Target located. Nina Williams is back in business in #TEKKEN8!

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masterfox50d ago

glad the developers put all the protein in the right spots for Nina :D

Terry_B50d ago

well, she looks totally like Atomic Blonde now

Army_of_Darkness49d ago

I love how Japanese developers (like Capcom Sf6 & this) still give their female characters sex appeal! Unlike the American developers like netherRealms studios that completely took away the sexy look of Kitana, Sonya, Tanya, Jade and meleena! Now they just look like ugly a$$ peasants.

PaleMoonDeath50d ago

Tekken's Milf is still kickin! not wild about the sunglasses, but cool design!

hotnickles50d ago

It’s gonna be a good year.

Fishy Fingers50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Dont think it's coming this year.

hotnickles50d ago

I’m almost sure they have announced 2023 but I could be wrong. Or do you mean delays and such?

Fishy Fingers50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Hinted but not confirmed, they havent revealed a release date and they annouced the Q4 2023 Tekken tournament which runs into Jan/Feb next year is still T7. That just makes it sound unlikely to me.

hotnickles50d ago

Ahh that’s unfortunate and makes sense. They wouldn’t dump on their last tournament like that.

SeTTriP50d ago

Yep for fighters, we got this and sf6 to look forward to both look sick.

hotnickles50d ago

Absolutely I’m excited. The fighting games have a pattern of righteous comeback vibes. This bodes well for games like Mortal kombat 12 which is also coming. Hopefully they are on the same page.

50d ago
VersusDMC50d ago

Has to i still remember Death by Degrees! Only character i can remember getting their own spin off game.

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The story is too old to be commented.