Dead Space Remake Was Developed Only In 2.5 Years

EA Motive held an AMA on Reddit, answering enticing queries about Dead Space Remake, including ditched features and the development period.

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Knushwood Butt43d ago

Cerny clearly knew about it during the PS5 reveals.

mkis00742d ago

ya Cerny name dropped it during the audio segment out of all the possible games that had released recently or were already revealed.

42d ago
blackblades42d ago

Makes sense with already having assets, story etc already there. Wonder how long does it take for a remaster like tales of symphonia take after having a remaster on ps3 after having a better version on ps2 from game cube. Anyway wonder if AI or anything in the future would help cut the time down. 2.5 years still kinda long.

Concertoine42d ago

Pretty impressive for a 100 man studio. I hope the game does well

Npugz742d ago

That’s actually a long time for a remake! The foundation of the game is already done!

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