Garry Schyman on composing the fantasy score of Forspoken and finding a voice for Frey

"It's quite a stunning world that [the developers] created, so it gave me an opportunity to write some very beautiful music," says Forspoken co-composer Garry Schyman. "It really was an opportunity to write something that's not just combat and not just dark; it was an opportunity to write melodies."

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sammarshall10250d ago

The music is epic especially during the last chapter

Lexreborn248d ago

At this point it’s just obvious people are stalking the posts to downgrade anyone who likes the game. Can’t say anything positive about this one without someone stalking you to disagree

sammarshall10248d ago

Facts it's just like the people who are now review bombing the Last of Us TV series because of that Bill and Frank episode

Star5145d ago

The people downvoting haven't played the retail version and it shows.