Report: Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Gameplay, Screenshots and Details Leak Out

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf gameplay, screenshot and even gameplay details have been leaked showing the combat, and loads more.

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phoenixwing49d ago

I'm interested but these screens are early build and look dated

excaliburps49d ago

Yep. I hope people don't judge the game based off of it.

jznrpg49d ago

I’m taking a wait and see approach . This footage could mean little as it’s alpha and who knows what got scrapped and was was kept if anything .

-Foxtrot49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It’s not even that, first and foremost it’s BioWare and EA

History, as much as I like the franchise, make me skeptical

SenorFartCushion49d ago

Dragon Age has never looked good really

zidane134149d ago

Dragon age 3 looked great for its time.

jznrpg49d ago

I thought the first game looked good at the time . And 3 looked pretty good for the time . 2 was janky all around

OtterX49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I agree with @zidane1341 , you're looking through 2023 lenses. Inquisition released just 1 year after the PS4 launched and I remember it being one of the first rpgs to look "next gen" over PS3 rpgs. It had a PS3 version, but looked way scaled back over the PS4 in detail, quite horrible comparatively. Here:

Looking back now, it's easy to say that there are many better looking rpgs... but for the time, it looked remarkable.

*With that said, this preview does not look remarkable by modern standards, but I'm hoping that this is just an early build that will be enhanced greatly by launch.

just_looken49d ago

Its not just about the build date its build direction and staff.

Everyone remember this first was being worked on pre anthem i do believe this is the 4th perhaps 5th? game direction.

we went through staff leaving via ambulance to walking out all the old bioware is pretty much gone then from loot box to live service to online? no single player its wild.

Oh and its still using frostbite engine what version who knows the last dragon age alot of there time was making tools for the engine then we had mass effect on frostbite yeah......

Screenshots seems to focus on the fortnight purple everywhere look but one screen has 999 on 4 slots is that armor power or ingame currency. Graphics look like inquisition from 10yrs ago but again who knows when this was created.

FinalFantasyFanatic49d ago

Yeah, it looks very alpha build at the moment, It looks like something I would see on a PS3 possibly, kinda looks Dark Souls-ish there.

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S2Killinit49d ago

Is Dragon Age good? What kind of game is it if you had to liken it to something else?

porkChop49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Dragon Age: Origins is a truly great RPG. It's sort of like KOTOR meets Baldur's Gate. It was essentially Bioware at their best.

If you're looking for a newer game that hits a lot of the same notes I'd recommend Pillars of Eternity.

Nacho_Z49d ago

It's like a LotR themed Mass Effect but the gameplay isn't as fun. The first game (2009) is the best in the series and it's been in decline since then.

Nacho_Z49d ago

I realise that doesn't make it sound very good but the first game is a classic and it set a high bar.

jznrpg49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

The first game was really great . Then they just threw together the second game and it was bad . I liked the third game , it was fun but lacked some things as they used a lot of assets from the canceled MMO version.

just_looken49d ago

Just like to add i tired to play origins last year window 10 system you can play the first training section then meet morgan after that its Russian rollute with crashing or things not working. The worst is you need a mod because it wants to connect to servers that do not exist anymore and the in game ui is setup for 720p.

masterfox49d ago

that looked clunky and average imo.

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