[Spoilers] The star of Forspoken isn’t bothered by all the memes

Ella Balinska has already won.

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Orchard51d ago

“This is such an extraordinary game that has come out with this amazing protagonist who’s so bold, so unapologetic, so reluctant in the best way possible,” she said.

So she hasn't actually played the game then.

But ultimately, why would she care. She's already cashed the check, probably won't get the money from a sequel but that's not the end of the world, and shouldn't really hit her career anyway because the performance is fine - it's the writing that is bad. She was paid to do a job and she did it.

Levii_9250d ago

You just hate this game cause you hate women.

- David Jaffe

shinoff218350d ago

Jaffe really said that lol. Jaffe always made me laugh on some things he's said

Lexreborn250d ago

@shinoff what I find funny is it’s clear Jaffe is speaking on behalf of a target group. Very obvious very blatant sexist, racist and misogynistic. And the people that are upset with it are either those people, or in some weird attempt trying to defend that group they awkwardly aligned with.

If the sales number comes back that barely anyone bought or experienced the game it’s going to be even more enlightening that people really are full of it.

Anyone screaming the game looks bad are full of it. Gungrave Gore is the modern standard for looking bad, and honestly evil west which has cheesy dialogue, ps2 level assets and clunky gameplay was getting 8-9s…. And fell to a middling score across the board.

Yet no one argued this, no one spammed the user meta score by HUNDREDS of bs reviews. The BS our community showed us appalling and I am constantly reminded why our community is shrinking.

DarXyde50d ago

Jaffe explained himself more clearly in a podcast with Fritanga (who, frankly, really showed that he doesn't understand anything). Jaffe has said plenty of weird things, but he definitely said if you hate the game while knowing nothing about it, it would lead him to believe you have an issue with the protagonist.

You can disagree with that, and that's fair enough. But at least keep his argument in context.

SenorFartCushion50d ago

Jaffe is always doing the opposite to games. He always complains about virtue signalling.

(He idiotically confuses casting with virtue signalling)

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sammarshall10250d ago

You haven't played the game. I finished it days ago and the story is surprisingly good and there is character growth

Lexreborn250d ago

I got my first 100% achievement on steam with Forspoken and 58 hours total. Safe to say I loved it

sammarshall10250d ago

@Lexreborn2 Same here! I even started a new playthrough right after

andy8550d ago

The writing is good though. You can't judge off a few lines on the Internet if you haven't played it

sammarshall10250d ago

Exactly! I can now see Amy Hennig's involvement with the story. I was thinking about that last chapter for a long time after I beat the game

Elda50d ago

Guessing you could have done better. Smh.

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monkey60250d ago

Just a heads up for anyone playing the game, this article spoils the ending.

As for Ella. I'm glad she can take the loss in her stride but if my acting career highlights were The Netflix Resident Evil series, The Charlie's Angels Reboot and Forespoken, I'd be worried about when my luck will run out.

EvertonFC50d ago

Probably already made enough money to buy a house and enjoy life

monkey60250d ago

Oh I've no doubt she's better off than me right now ha but I can't imagine she wants any of these roles to be her career highlights

sammarshall10250d ago

She should be proud of Forspoken it's a good game

Sonic188150d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I'll just say this I've played a lot worse games than Forspoken like Crossfire X but Forspoken is still mediocre at best. The thing is I've played so many bad games in my life that I wasn't that bothered by Forspoken but it's still not a *great* game. The only reason I got the game is because I had $90 of store credit at GameStop. After I beat the game I took it back to get store credit for it

FinalFantasyFanatic50d ago

Uoh, that's a bad history right there, I'd call that bad luck on her behalf though.

H950d ago

"So is it cringe? Maybe. But humanity is itself cringe"

Speak for yourself, I can't understand this self hate culture, most people see the good in humanity not "cringe"

EvertonFC50d ago

Exactly the ones moaning about cringe are cringe themselves 🤣😂

Godmars29050d ago

The problem with that, many who see "the best" are making things worse. See their own actions as only just and right regardless of how they effect others.

When people can admit they've done wrong, accept responsibility, then get back to me.

H950d ago

I am not talking about people seeing themselves as good, I am talking about people who have a positive outlook to life and wouldn't spend most of their time with negativity, if you have been anywhere near social media you would know that we have a nihilistic problem where people have fun bringing themselves and each other down, I may be talking aggressively but I do believe that this negativity is bringing people to a endless path of depression

Pedantic9150d ago

She already got paid.
Besides, she's not responsible for the horrible writing, she plays out the part given to her. Whatever writers SE hired from the west is to blame.

sammarshall10250d ago

The writing is anything but horrible. There has been a few lines that people think are cringe but everything else is no worse than most modern games

The story is actually really good with a good twist too

Lexreborn250d ago

You cannot convince stubborn people of their ignorance. They fight hard to protect their ignorant views. It’s easier to spread a lie someone told you then to pick up a book, game or material and experience it yourself.

People who scream bad writing have to experience the entirety of a script to know if it’s bad or not.

And people like this watched a highlight reel on YouTube or the negative reviews they felt reaffirmed their opinion and ran with it.

sammarshall10250d ago

@Lexreborn2 You're absolutely right! The "cringe" impressions from just a few lines and the memes are deeply embedded at this point

I'm glad I gave it a chance :)

Elda50d ago

Agreed. The people that disagree just have no clue because they don't own the game nor do they have the interest to buy or try the game so they just disapprove just to disapprove.

Pedantic9150d ago (Edited 50d ago )


This isn't the 90's or dial-up modem era, more and more people can claim a game is great or wonderful without ever having held a controller. Why is that ? You don't think i would be capable of the very same thing but in opposite ?
That i can't research my way through for a game i may or may not purchase ?

Im not about to spend my hard earned money in a game without atleast knowing i won't be disappointed halfway through. I will even spoil some of the game if it means im making an informed purchase of a product that will satisfy my needs. Imagine having to take a plunge eveytime you bought something, sounds awful.

sammarshall10249d ago

@Pedantic91 It sucks that you'll miss out. And what do you think people will see when they look up Forspoken? They'll see reviews and clickbait titles from people who didn't play the game or give it a chance

I was one of the people who tried to get people to buy Days Gone and I watched everyone praise the game a year or so after it came out. If Days Gone had sold well at release we might've gotten a sequel

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