Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demo is coming February 24

Save data from this demo will transfer to the final game! Complete the demo to obtain the "Crouching Dragon Helmet" DLC in the full game

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Orchard51d ago

Awesome, looking forward to this. Save games carrying over to the final game is a nice touch too.

seanpitt2351d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Been looking forward to this

Thundercat7751d ago

This is Nioh but with a different skin.

Zeke6851d ago

No it isn't. Nioh games are loot + skilltree based. This one is more skill based with less loot and handling skills different. You can't just judge a game by the graphics alone...

Thundercat7751d ago

Being Nioh is not something negative. Nioh is a great game. The eis no denying Wo Long is using Nioh as a base and making its own tweaks but in the root. Is Nioh.

Zeke6851d ago

@Thundercat With 2000 hours played each for Nioh 1 and Nioh 2 I can agree with the "same base". But that doesn't mean this is the same game by any means. This is a new direction they are taking, using the best from the past but expanding their vision in new ways. The sum of it all is not "Nioh 3". The moral system and enemies getting stronger each time they kill you is nothing like the Nioh games.
So, I still think your "This is Nioh but with a different skin." is complete BS to be frank. ;)

CrimsonWing6951d ago (Edited 51d ago )

In all fairness it has way different mechanics than Nioh. But yes, it is a souls-like game if that’s what you mean.

Zeke6851d ago

So the same reward as the alphatest had. With Nioh 1 &2 they gave a helmet for the alpha and a weapon for the beta (or if it was the other way around). I hope they at least are 2 different helmets statswise if they have the same name.

51d ago
Vithar51d ago

Sweet! love me some loot!

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