Dead Space Remake Devs Explain Lack of 180 Quick Turn, Mod Support Not Planned & More Info Revealed

Motive Studio explains why the Dead Space remake doesn't have a 180 quick turn feature! No mod support planned & more info revealed.

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Kane2249d ago

to me, the security doors aren't worth unlocking all that much. most of the loot is just 100 credits.

excaliburps49d ago

Aaah/ Really? Even the Max level ones?

Kane2249d ago

even the max level one give some poor loot.

-Foxtrot49d ago

Max ones are useful if you want the schematics and weapon upgrades

VersusDMC49d ago

I found there were power nodes in most of them and there are weapon parts in level 2 and 3 rooms.

And you don't need to go out of your way to go to a security door room as soon as you get the new security clearance as you will probably go back to the area on another chapter or side misson.

AirRevenant49d ago

Loot is based on what you are or are not carrying. If all you ever find is 100 credits, you are carrying everything and not low on ammo

sadraiden49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

We uh... kind of forgot about 180 quick turns. They must have played the original, and just decided for their near 1:1 remake, they just wouldn't have that feature. Uh huh.

Kekewei49d ago

I always max out the x-axis camera sensitivity or at least 75%+ in horror games that don't have quick turn feature.


A 180 quick turn is needed in Callisto Protocol as well.

TheEnigma31349d ago

Can not have a 180 quick turn in a game like this. I haven't played it yet and I'm sure it's great. Just that one feature missing is a lil disappointing.

Army_of_Darkness48d ago

It wasn't in the original, so I don't expect it to be in this remake. Plus, it will completely change the dynamic of the game.

TheEnigma31348d ago (Edited 48d ago )

yeah, so lets keep tank controls in the new RE4 because it was in the original.