My jaw nearly dropped the first time I encountered a Tallneck in Horizon Call of the Mountain - GR

The first 30 minutes of the Horizon VR-spin off checks all the classic boxes and promises a solid and devastatingly beautiful experience.

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sammarshall10246d ago

I can just imagine. Just looking at the preview footage made it look unbelievable to be inside that world in VR

ApocalypseShadow46d ago

Can't wait. Tall necks. Any necks. Lol PS VR 2 is checking the right boxes.

If Sony rounds it out with checking the software boxes like Blu-ray 3D movies, something like a Netflix theater mode for streaming apps, shared rooms to watch content, maybe a VR UI instead of a flat PS5 UI, etc, then it'll be a solid home run.

I don't think we'll have too worry about the games. I bought so many great PSVR games, I'm expecting PS VR 2 to do the same.

Knushwood Butt46d ago

Blu-ray 3D movies would be a nice bonus. Was thinking about Blade Runner 2049 in 3D just yesterday.

Aussiesummer46d ago

Except they cheaped out on the lenses.

Babadook746d ago (Edited 46d ago )

“Except they cheaped out on the lenses”

Hey Aussie, in what way?

ApocalypseShadow46d ago

Baba, Aussie isn't making any sense.

Sony proprietary fresnel lenses, HDR, OLED, up to 4K, Tobii eye tracking, already proven that it doesn't have God rays, etc.

It's like they try but keep failing to stick to Teflon PS VR 2. They'll still try to play the wire narrative. But most gamers won't care about their foolishness.

Profchaos46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

@Aussiesummer my understanding on the whole fresnel vs pancake decision was made as a result of the HDR utilisation. The choice was made because HDR won't pop in pancake as much so they implemented a newer version of frensel that focused on HDR

Aloymetal46d ago

Were you expecting the same top tier Sony lenses James Cameron used to shoot Avatar Way of the water? lol

Neonridr45d ago

there will always be a debate between pancake and fresnel lenses. Pros and cons to both. That being said, I have no doubt that even though Sony is using Fresnel lenses they are custom designed to work with the headset, thus limiting any worries for things like god rays, or blurred images (fresnels can tend to have smaller sweet spots).

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Profchaos46d ago

I'm 100% in for psvr2 I've pre-orderd I've paid it off and I've brought re8 / gt7 in preparation. And I've also ordered saints and sinners 2 / getting the upgrade for 1

Horizon cotm has me on the fence as someone who owned a gen 1 headset VR experiences do nothing for me anymore I want to be immersed in full games now I'm not sure about this it's beautiful but it looks like a beginner VR game and what I mean is that arrows always hit their targets with no aiming required there's lots of enemies coming front on and lots of walkway segments

Knushwood Butt46d ago

Not sure whether to pre-order the bundle or the stand-alone headset. Will mainly be playing GT7 anyway, but the bundle makes Horizon cheaper than buying it separately. Everything I have seen about Horizon is positive though.

crazyCoconuts46d ago

I ordered stand alone. I've been through the original experiences and personally don't want to shell $50 out for an 8 hour experience anymore

Profchaos46d ago

I agree it's a tough choice because I'm on the fence about Horizon being with it for the experienced VR player or if it's more like PS VR world was just something to get your feet wet

I've gone the standard headset for the moment but if the previews are positive for experienced VR players I'll simply swap my order around on the day

generic-user-name46d ago

There's suspicions that the arrows use eye tracking as a form of aim assist according to Eurogamer. But if it has a hard mode or something, I'd imagine that would be turned off maybe? Review units will probably be going out next week so we won't be waiting too much longer to find out.

Aloymetal46d ago

Feb 22nd can't come soon enough!

darkrider46d ago

The hype keeps growing! Nice job GG

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