Pre-Order Resident Evil 4 Remake at Best Buy to Get this Wicked SteelBook Case

The PlayStation Brahs:

"Best Buy is back at it again! If you’ve been keeping up with it the past few years, then you have a pretty sweet collection of Resident Evil SteelBook cases courtesy of the electronic retailer. They're now offering one of the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake!"

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autobotdan115d ago

Already did. Let the good times roll

Lighter9115d ago

I originally bought it at BB. Hahaha.

MADGameR115d ago

Only way I would pick this up is if it is exclusively different from the collector's edition steel book. That's it.

CrimsonWing69115d ago

It is. Look at the images of the Best Buy steelbook to the RE4 collector’s edition.

thecodingart115d ago

“ The PlayStation Brahs”…. Ummm no

hotnickles115d ago

Thanks. I was waiting to see if this would happen.