Comparison of DLSS 2 and DLSS 3, and the Reflex feature in Cyberpunk 2077

If you have new RTX40 graphics card, it's a really good time to revisit Night City.

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Cikatriz_ESP498d ago

Is this game good enough to play yet? I know a lot of you will say it was already good but I understand it had problems that were deeper than just bad graphics and random police. That stuff can either be hard or impossible to fix.

1nsomniac498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

It’s much, much better than it was. Take from that what you will..

It’s certainly playable and enjoyable. It just couldn’t hold my interest for very long for some reason. Bizarrely I still bought it on both PS5 and PC…. Sucker, I know.

Tapani497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

I would say it is worth it if you can turn on RT Reflections at the very least and run it 55 or more fps on your target resolution. The RT Reflections make the quite flat graphics go away and add plenty of atmosphere to the game via graphics. It's an OK game, but not Witcher quality. They have added a lot of stuff to it, though. I would say, honestly, that better wait till the Expansion pack hits.

telgou497d ago

Have they fixed the dlss3's picture quality in-motion problems though ? That was its worst aspect when it first released.


Marvel Rivals Preview: A Whole Lot of Controlled Chaos | CGM

CGM Writes: Going hands on with Marvel Rivals at Summer Game Fest 2024 showed us that not every PVP shooter is meant for casual players.

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purple10114h ago

Its Marvel vs Valorant vs Concord this summer,

3,2,1, FIGHT-

phoenixwing11h ago

I'm buying none and sticking to single player


Canceled Cyberpunk 2077 Expansion Titled 'The Moon' Has Leaked Online

Files from an alleged canceled expansion for CD Projekt's Cyberpunk 2077, titled The Moon, have leaked online.

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shinoff21831d 18h ago

Spent so much time having to fix the original game they didn't make it to this.

Christopher14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

Those images are so early in design, they probably had 100s of things outlined like this for potential content. Not likely at all an expansion, just some ideas for the game in general that were never utilized. I mean, you end up in space at the end of the game as it is, they likely thought at some point to include more and didn't.

Amplitude11h ago

Meh. Mad respect to them for not only fixing it, but also making possibly the best looking path-traced PC game still to this day.

I bought it day 1 and didn't even finish it cause it just wasn't for me - but whenever i get a 40 (or 50) series GPU i'll be heading back in. I aint even attempting the path tracing with my 2080 Super lol

just_looken11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

Thanks to all those patches the og version is a destant memory.

For those that remember version 1.0 or the ps4 day one disc versions there was alot of stuff already in the game half done like a entire map built can be accessed on pc but 0 things to do 0 npc 0 traffic even that mission area floating in the sky.

Heck i am sure some on here remember seeing the square pink blocks with "missing texture" text the floating/moving subway car going through buildings and the trash year one police/npc ai.

The game was alpha borderline beta day one now its version 1.0 still not what we were promised but you can play it now.

So missing dlc is/was the least of its issues heck i have a first version of the strategy guide with sections of missing items even entire stores not in the ingame.

Old video showing what i mean you can see up to the last minute were cutting/pasting stuff to make it turn on.

Just makes you wonder what it must have been like at one time before legal came in to remove any references that would end in a lawsuit then the celeb keno tie in that no doubt is the reason we get that bs cutscene that rushes through the first part of the game. Such a piss poor managed title with way to much crunch with a company that now worships esg culture so dam sad.

Armyofdarkness18h ago

Phantom Liberty is very very good. I want more DLC but sequel is also all right

just_looken11h ago

If you like that dlc you should binge the old ghost int he shell anime they just stole ideas from there for that dlc.

For future dlc it will be trash as they are full into esg now if you got a rack they will hire you does not matter if you know anything about games or using unreal engine 5 tools they need that clipboard check mark more than customer respect. Oh of course they also want dei crap like the new star wars or wb games stuff


Inverno13h ago

God that anime was the best thing the year it came out. The feeeeels maan.

Profchaos5h ago

Have to remember they did want to have a online mode attached to this game which would be similar to a GTA online mode making the game akin to a live service and extending the games supported development time significantly.

Losing that online mode likely shorteners the developer cycle of the game dramatically which is why we only got one DLC.

Also given the game took years to get to a good state it's way behind schedule.

Assume the corporate wars will be turned into cyberpunk 2 rather than a DLC at this point because they do need to move onto the next full priced game in the franchise for both cyberpunk and witcher

LLumarvietnam2h ago

It's fascinating to see what could have been with the 'The Moon' expansion for Cyberpunk 2077. It’s unfortunate that it was canceled, but the details and screenshots show a lot of potential. Hopefully, CD Projekt can explore these ideas in future projects!

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Astro Bot Hands-On Preview - A Joyful PS5 Platforming Adventure | CGM

CGM Writes: After seeing the new PlayStation exclusive, Astro Bot at Summer Game Fest, we give our take if it truly is as joyful as it looks.

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Jin_Sakai1d 2h ago

These are the kind of games I like. Can’t wait!

Hofstaderman1d 2h ago

Can't wait. Can never bring myself to delete the first one off my ssd even when I need space, its that good.

purple1011d ago

I deleted it, - but re downloaded it and got another 4 jigsaw pieces yesterday!! all this news of astro made me want more. can confirm I sighed and smiled multiple times, which is more than I can say for the usual games I play (cod & GT7, which do invoke a little bit of edge of the seat excitement, but not as fun as astro)

isarai18h ago

Im excited to buy this, just a simple fun platformer. Japan/Asobi is such an underutilized team, i hope this changes that cause they've honestly produced some of the funnest platformers outside the Mario series imo. I still replay puppeteer from time to time

jznrpg16h ago

I was thinking about Astro Bot and games they made sort of like it in the past and it reminded me of Puppeteer.

It came out at the very end of the PS3 generation so it didn’t get much attention as PS4 was right there. They really should remaster that game for PS5 it was a lot of fun.

The_Hooligan9h ago

Yes!! Absolutely! Puppeteer is a very underrated gem. I believe it's part of the game catalog on PS+. If anyone hasn't tried it, give it a shot.