The Day Before – What the Hell is Going on with it?

GB: "Fntastic insists that that is not the case, that The Day Before is shaping up well, that development is proceeding at a good clip, and that when the game releases later this year, doubters will be proven wrong. We certainly hope that’s the case.

We hope, for starters, that it does release this year, and more than that, we hope that it’s not a case of “too good to be true” as it has seemed from day one. We hope that The Day Before ends up doing justice to its initial promise- but right now, it’s hard to believe that it will. The one thing that is abundantly clear right now is that, when it comes to The Day Before, it’s best that we tread with caution."

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lonewolf1050d ago

I'm on the optimistic side of the border, only just mind.

THEzRude50d ago

Its a scam. There is no game.

shaenoide50d ago

Look at what Fntastic Delivered in the past and you know this game will be broken/abandonned soon after release.

jznrpg50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

They showed amazing game at first but seems it was fake and the real gameplay they showed looked average . And then their excuses don’t make sense . There may be a game here but not what they showed originally most likely

ToddlerBrain50d ago

It never looked impressive, has one of the worst names I can think of, can’t articulate what the player is supposed to do or what the actual fantasy is that we’re to enjoy. Hard pass.

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