Undisputed Early Access Preview - Return to the Ring | Terminal Gamer

Tg writes: There hasn't been a decent boxing video game released since Fight Night Champion way back in 2011. Developer Steel City Interactive aims to change that and Undisputed is now in early access on Steam. We have gone more than twelve rounds already, and are ready to share our first look preview.

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N4GTG123d ago

Plays almost exactly like Fight Night Champion

EvertonFC123d ago

Looks cool, captures boxing really well and great character movement

Silver_ShadoWolf123d ago

Not really. The punching system is way behind last gen fighting games. I say that because there’s no punch variety. No lunging punches, no way of really chasing your opponent down. You have to get right up to him to throw a stationary punch.

As a boxer, this game does not capture are movement. The freedom movement system they have in place is… ok, at best. Doesn’t really allow you to move in the angles a real boxer would.

The game is years away from being great. It’s a glorified beta. Early Access is basically you playing the game to find bugs before a real release. Only thing is, they made you pay. The keep saying the game isn’t complete, and you’ll get the full game for the money you’ve paid, but that would mean story mode is worth $30 and online is worth $30…. Which is a weird model.

ANIALATOR136122d ago

You get the game cheaper than when it is fully released though so not much to complain about

Silver_ShadoWolf123d ago

So we’re just going to ignore that they charged $30 for you to stress test their game. Gotcha.

Moe-Gunz123d ago

Umm they did two betas to stress test servers before releasing early access. $30 early access gets you the full game also. The level of detail and mechanics is amazing. We’ve seen Early Access games unplayable before this isn’t one of them. The future is promising for this game.

N4GTG123d ago

This isn't some half baked beta test. It's about 3/4 finished so $29.99 is a steal, considering you won't have to pay anything else to get updates..

Silver_ShadoWolf123d ago

Stop lying. It’s been a few days since release and it’s riddled with problems. You guys must be social media managers or something, especially if you’re going to ignore all of the problems so far. The game released with ONLY online. If that’s what you consider 3/4 of a game then we are going down hill really fast.

The online is laggy, people getting hit by ghost punches, and everyone is using the same four fighters. Please stop praising this stress test.

Moe-Gunz122d ago

I'm not a social media manager I'm a person who has it and plays it. The fact that you said it released with only online shows you have no idea what you're talking about because that is blatantly a lie.

BlaqMagiq1122d ago

Uh that's the whole point of early access. To access a game still in development. They literally said up front these things could happen in early access and to give them feedback. Anyone that pays for early access without knowing this is at fault not the developers.

Moe-Gunz123d ago

Love the core gameplay and footwork. Great selection of fighters. Excited to see where they go from here.

eddieistheillest122d ago

The game is 🔥🔥🔥 28293;🔥