Kadokawa: Elden Ring drove games sector revenue to an increase of 123% in Q3

The FromSoftware parent company's Q3 report also says that overall it saw a revenue increase of 27%

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SonyStyled44d ago

I’ve never played Armored Core. Are they any good? Hope the trend continues with Armored Core 6

GoodGuy0944d ago

They are good but for a niche audience. It's a harcore gundam basically. I remember playing one of the ps2 games and loving it as a kid. Tried the ps3 game and it wasn't the same honestly. Played daemon x machina and I got bored of it. Very curious to see how 6 will turn out and I trust fromsoft more than ever so I'm looking forward to it.

Stanjara44d ago

When you do the game right.