The Last of Us Part I PC will now be released on March 28

An update from Naughty Dog.

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PrinceOfAnger48d ago

Such a good year for PC
Redfall ,Returnal ,Last part 1, Forza ,Starfield, Stalker 2 ,Hi fi rush and maybe Hellblade 2.

lonewolf1048d ago

No one can argue with that, I'd add Sons of Forest as one other I'm looking forward to, among a lot of titles coming this year..

PrinceOfAnger48d ago

First time i hear about this game saw some clips after you mentioned it, i was surprised!

awsm_9048d ago (Edited 48d ago )

This tells me that I need a steam deck. These are the type of games I want to have on the go.

I hope it’s a good port.

Shadowsteal48d ago

Should be, all the Playstation games are deck verified. Sony treats the deck better than they did the Vita lol.

jeromeface47d ago

good luck, its a demanding game

navi8747d ago

Steam Deck can just about play triple A games. I reckon it will struggle at 720p with fsr

Shadowsteal48d ago


But personally very cautiously optimistic for Hellblade 2. First game was a walking simulator broken up by repetitive combat and uninspired "puzzles". Incredibly overrated, just because there's some voices when you play with headphones on which make for a neat effect.

Furesis48d ago

ooh, right after RE4? Not good

jeromeface47d ago

speak for yourself, resident evil 4's been on pc for years, not everyone is going crazy over the remake

Goozex48d ago

Why is it that pc gamers pay 10.00 less than first party ps5 games?

Number1TailzFan48d ago

PC games have pretty much always been cheaper than on consoles, I remember buying a few PC games in Argos back in 99 for like £12-£14 roughly, like Worms 2 & Virtual Springfield.

Shadowsteal48d ago

Because guaranteed they paid more than $400-$500 for their PC.

AzubuFrost48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Coming from the folks that buy oh let's say the Playstation 4 and a few years later buy the upgraded version. So that's accumulates to at least $300 - $600. But wait, a PS4 is not good enough, so they buy an Xbox Series X and/or a Nintendo Switch, so that totals to at least one grand. Also and let's not forget some folks out there buy the same console twice or trice just for shits and giggles, so I guess I won't have to spell out how much money that's going down the drain.
And let's not forget Xbox Live, PS Subscription, and Nintendo Online.

Orchard48d ago

Not anymore :P Nowadays you can get a Steam Deck for $399 which plays all the PS studios titles released on PC.

Number1TailzFan47d ago

For some that's worth it, a PC can do a lot more than a console, video editing is just one of many reasons, better performance than a console is another.

Rocketisleague47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Sir, PS + is ranging on 120 quid per year know, if you want the full experience!

I myself have a PC and Ps4, likely will get a PS5 at some point. For me I also just so happen to code on my PC and stream things from it all over the house.

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andy8548d ago

Because they can't sell games and pay far more overall

Babadook748d ago

This is actually a big reason why

W34KN35S48d ago

Do PC gamers have to pay a subscription fee like Xbox and PlayStation? I'm sure that would add up as well if that's the case.

Rocketisleague47d ago

No? Unless you want Xbox live for some reason

Pyrofire9548d ago

If you ask me it's just cause they're not NEW. Harder to sell at FULL price when the game had already been out for months somewhere else and the hype train has already left.

ReignMan_2748d ago

That's not always the case. The Dead Space remake launched $10 cheaper on Steam than the console versions. There are some games however that launch the same price regardless the platform. Would be nice if we could hear from the publishers themselves on why they decide to launch day and date games with different pricing between consoles/pc when at the end of the day it's the same exact game

Pyrofire9547d ago

@ReignMan_27 That's not Sony tho and Dead Space is releasing everywhere at once. Different situation completely.

Orchard48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

It's historically been higher on console to prop up the losses made on HW - consoles were typically sold at a loss and then propped up with the platform holder taking a 30% cut of every game, DLC, microtransaction etc.

That being said, that's not true anymore for the PS5 - Sony have stated that the PS5 is being sold at a profit - but don't expect a price decrease on games.

Goosejuice48d ago

I mean that's better for pc gamers so no complaints here. Redfall is 70$ on steam and Xbox if u don't have gamepass.

Silver_ShadoWolf47d ago

Maybe, they’ve been ripping off console players since the beginning? 🤔

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48d ago
anast48d ago

Great game. I enjoyed it. Part 1 is worth it if your a fan of the game and want better graphics.

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