January '09 Game Releases writes:

"After the holiday flood of games, things tend to slow down a bit to kick off the new year. With that being said, we still have a few gems to pick from for January...

Check out the full list of new video game releases (USA) for the month of January 2009 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii!"

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AdolfBinBush4203d ago

maybe its time to stop playing games, maybe do somthing a little more productive and meaningful.. in life.

AdolfBinBush4203d ago

kk, try to put this meaningful Creativity in somthing more constructive like a degree or a cure or a book or an enhancement rather than waste hours in playing.

Graphics Whore4203d ago

Everyone has a different way of expressing whatever it is they do. A degree? Institutionalism? Let me put it this way, you've probably learned 50x more from learning to use the internet as a tool than you have from established government institutions both privatized and public.

Anyway, most people treat this as a hobby, you have to shut your brain off sometimes.

Close_Second4203d ago

There is nothing clever about being good at a game. Games are for fun and should only provide a distraction from living for a short while. They should not become your life.

It's like being good at playing sports in your backyard - maybe fun and the neighborhood kids might look up to you but in the greater scheme of things it means nothing.

Graphics Whore4203d ago

The diversity in dedication is broad, some people take things more seriously, In hindsight some one takes this seriously either because they're getting paid for it or it relieves stress. Clearly game studio's make this their lives and depend on people to help them make it that way.

Besides there's nothing else more creative than participating in some one else's imagination.

Everyone is good at something and if they have a problem then that's their problem.

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InMyOpinion4203d ago

Stoked? Is that a 360 exclusive I see? Nah, can't be cause the 360 has no games in 2009.

Skate 2 is a given.

iNcRiMiNaTi4203d ago (Edited 4203d ago )

but are there people who really want it? tbh i havent even heard of it until i clicked the link. and yea skate 2 is a definite must buy. i already have the 360 games i want for the first 3 months this year

Jan - skate 2
Feb - splinter cell conviction (if release date is true)
Mar - RE5

Graphics Whore4203d ago

I can't stand sports games, why play a simulation of it when you can literally go outside and do it yourself, I just don't understand people.

However skate has flawless execution, I myself a skateboarder for 2-3 years skate feels very fluid.

InMyOpinion4203d ago

If it turns out to be good I think it will have a chance of selling pretty decent.

Most of the games I want this year are multiplat, like Brütal Legend, Fight Night round 4, UFC: Unleashed, Deus Ex 3, Street Fighter IV, Prototype, Skate 2 etc.

Splinter Cell will probably be awesome as usual. I'm also looking forward to Alan Wake(if it gets released), Halo ODST, Halo Wars, Fallout 3 & GTA IV DLC, APB(?), Forza 3(?) and Dead Island.

I'm sure there will be a couple of surprises as well.

Graphics Whore4203d ago

Splinter Cell? I have my doubts since they went back to the drawing board, maybe MGS4 scared their pants off.

You're seriously not advertising GTA4 DLC? That's true fanboyism right there.

jahcure4203d ago

Of course most of the games you are looking forward to are only own a 360. That kinda limits things going into 2009. I own both and a PC and i will be buying most for the PS3 (because of trophies mainly) and anything that's on PC/360, i'll be getting on the PC because the graphics are better through MY eyes.

I don't have any 360 exclusives on my list YET. I'll have some later when they announce them...if they do..but as of now, PS3 and PC are pretty much enough.

Eiffel4203d ago

Its worth playing for all those people who wasted money on Shaun Whites Snowboarder.

Stoked at least looks appealing.

InMyOpinion4203d ago

I like GTA IV and I think the biker gang twist looks cool. Splinter Cell hasn't disappointed yet so I don't see why the next game should be any different. That MGS4 comment is just silly.

Maybe you should check yourself before you start calling other people fanboys.

@jahcure - Good for you. Personally I don't enjoy playing games on PC as much as on consoles. Not the same feeling imo.

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InMyOpinion4203d ago

Let's hope it's better than Shaun White's. There hasn't been one good snowboard game this gen so it would be nice if Stoked was above average. Skate 2 looks to be the safe choice though.

kewlkat0074203d ago

I'm so backed up though with games..I'm hoping I get through 2 RPG's this month.

jahcure4203d ago

The next new AAAA title for the beginning of 2009? I haven't heard about this game but hey, maybe we can hype it to hell now since all we see are PS3 exclusives on board for this year.

Stoked..10/10 best game this gen!

IzKyD13314203d ago

Like OMG!
I cannot wait for Paws & Claws Pet Resort!

The_Firestarter4203d ago

I'm definitely getting Skate 2.

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