The Top 10 Worst PlayStation 4 Games

Let’s look at the worst PlayStation 4 games and why they were considered so bad.

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BrainSyphoned52d ago

Stating a game is a wait for a sale disqualifies it as a "worst" game. If Knack and Order 1886 are two of the worst games last gen it's no wonder why PS4 was so good.

buffig52d ago

My kids and every kid in our family and extended family absolutely loved Knack. Even now, my step sisters boy who is 6 years old, is obsessed with it. It's easy to mock, but for its target audience Cerny definitely knew what he was doing. Not every game has to be aimed at me to be good. And short as it was, I really enjoyed The Order

Knushwood Butt51d ago

I got the plat in Knack and my son beat it twice.

Not bad for a terrible game.

Lexreborn251d ago

My 9 year old plays knack 2 to this day. He is still getting excited unlocking costumes

jambola51d ago

Yeah, I easily understand not loving it, but having as a worst is a massive stretch
Unless you play like 1 new game a year

NecrumOddBoy51d ago

The Order: 1886 had its just flaws but it really is one of the cool cinematic games on any console. The story was really well told and the acting is top-notch. I bought it on sale for $40 and platinumed it in about 12-13 hours. I understand the pop-up target enemy system, mediocre QTEs, and the less-than-stellar menu system can put people off but this game took most of the heat for being "too short." I think it told a perfect story and did not overstay its welcome.

Knushwood Butt51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Yeah, the lore, atmosphere, and visuals were great. Took lots of photos in that game. It did need to be longer and have more replayability though. Oh, and the the werewolf fights needed more complexity and challenge.

jambola51d ago

One of the only games I ever finished the story in one sitting
Definitely one of my personal favorite

FreeckyCake52d ago

Oh, c'mon! Knack wasn't that bad. It wasn't that groundbreaking, but it was hella fun

Shane Kim51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Only flaws with the order was that it was too short, and they reused boss fights. Other then that it played EXACTLY like Gears, wich was hauled as the second coming for its cover based shooting mechanic. Sadly it was a launch title, so the gaming media just carried over their bias from PS3 era right to PS4.

meganick51d ago

It wasn’t a launch title. It released more than a year after PS4 was released.

SonyStyled51d ago

It wasn’t a launch title. It came a year or two (3?) after PS4. The game was really good, and quite an achievement for a studio coming off the PSP GoW games. What killed it was the short campaign, a full price tag, and gameplay demonstrations pre-launch covered the majority of the heavy action the game offered. It deserves it’s criticisms and praise. It’s really weird a game of this quality at such short length exists, and Ready at Dawn should probably have spent their time developing something else instead

curtain_swoosh51d ago

the order and knack are on there?
out of all ps4 gamesz those two shpuld not be in any top 10 list of bad ps4 games. like at all

chicken_in_the_corn51d ago

Hello Neighbor is the worst game in PS4 IMO. Worst game I've ever played.