Resident Evil 4 Remake Suddenly Has a Lot Less Competition

Thanks to a string of recent release date delays, the Resident Evil 4 remake suddenly finds itself with a lot less competition in March.

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Shikoku45d ago

How many times are they going to remake that game?

Bathory66645d ago

It’s the first time. Other versions were just HD and 60fps. This is a full remake. You should do your homework before troll posting with gamers.

pietro2145d ago

Never been remade before. That goes for every RE titled that isn't 1,2,3 and soon to be 4.

CrimsonWing6945d ago (Edited 45d ago )

This is literally the first time…

What Resident Evil 4 Remake did you play before this?

Or are you one of those that get Remasters and Remakes confused?

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Goozex45d ago

Don't rule out last of us 1

pietro2145d ago

Not a survival horror game and gameplay wise this looks better the Last of Us remake which received no major gameplay changes.