Square Enix Announces Declining Financial Results; Planning Multiple New Games Including New IP

Today Square Enix announced its financial results for the first nine months of the fiscal year, related to the period between April and December 2022.

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blackblades48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

They need to put more effort into those new IP, let's look at FF always get the budget it needs and effort. That series is the one always do good, then you have other series star ocean, valkrie, etc which got scraps. Forspoken I know aint that bad but they got help from others or something. Cut some mobile out and use that for the others

Lifexline48d ago

Final fantasy always does good based on its name has nothing to do with quality they haven’t released a great final fantasy in a while they are a former shell of themselves. That’s why they are doing bad. Big names always sell look at Halo even though the quality has decreased it still sells based on name alone.

TheEroica47d ago

I blame forespoken. It looked terrible from the get go and only Sony shills were excited about it. Square can't make good new ip, just remakes... Perhaps they're creatively depraved?

lodossrage47d ago

I don't think Forespoken even factors into that since it came out January 2023

lelo2play48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Surprising about Square! Wasn't Sony's money enough to turn a profit?

The amount of crap Square release is absurd. They released about 20 games in 2022, and most of them are worthless.

RaiderNation48d ago

I still believe theyre going to get bought by Sony at some point.

Mcardle48d ago

Would they be much of a get as this point? FF isn't the franchise it once was and they make so much money on Nintendo sales that to cut that off to have slightly more exclusivity than they have now doesn't make sense.

shinoff218348d ago (Edited 48d ago )


I'll agree imo ff ain't what it used to be , but let's not kid ourselves it's still highly sought after and sells just as well off name alone. Ff7 remake sold 14 million according to reports yesterday. Ff15 sold a sh ton to.

Mcardle48d ago

@shinoff2183, Absolutely but they already have deals in place that basically cut out their competitor from having access to the game. Not sure the savings on not paying for that would be worth the cost to buy.

shinoff218348d ago


There's gotta be an underlying reason square agreed. Or he'll square may have approached Sony. If the game ain't selling on the competitor then it makes sense. I couldn't see ff selling great on xbox and square still making it exclusive by taking the deal.

Like I've mentioned in previous news. It was probably done something like

Sony approaches square hey can you make ff16 exclusive for this much. Square takes that number compares it to how they sell on xbox and sonys number was better. Just makes sense for square at that point.

With that said ff16 is probably just a time exclusive so it'll eventually come to xbox. So it won't really matter. It's not like sony bought multiplatform publishers.

Obscure_Observer47d ago

"I still believe theyre going to get bought by Sony at some point."

I though most of Playstation fans were against acquisitions of entire publishers. Lol.

It would be hilarious to see Sony go ahead and try to acquire SE after all the circus they been promoting over Activision/Blizzard´s acquisition by MS.

shinoff218347d ago


I don't think Sony promoted anything. They just said what was pretty obvious because of call of duty. What Sony said to the euro regulators or whatever their called. But far from promoting and dragging things on Twitter like other companies.

From what I've seen

RaiderNation47d ago

@Obscure Observer

Please show me where in my post that I said I was for or against it? I simply said I think it will happen. Try harder next time.

Class_Viceroy47d ago


Absolutely they would be a get. Square has an endless list of IP they could pick from. Sony would cut off a lot of fat by preventing Square from releasing so many bad games in the future, like they have over the past 10 years. That alone will improve profitability. Having their talented employees actually working on worthwhile games under Sony’s umbrella would be very interesting.

They could keep the AAA releases like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts etc exclusive but still have a deal in place with Nintendo for many other releases. Not to mention they would have the PC market as well.

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FinalFantasyFanatic48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I think the only thing that really suprised me was Havestella, otherwise Diofield Chronicles seemed okay from the demo I played, but they did release alot of mediocre and some garbage titles/entries.

shinoff218348d ago

Alot of them seemed low effort though. Like remasters and re releases though

Abriael48d ago

Common misconception. Declining profit doesn't mean they're not turning a profit.

They're definitely turning a profit, and not a small profit. They just are turning less profit than last year.

shinoff218348d ago

I definitely get that. The plant manager at the shop I work has explained it to me like.

So they projected to make 12 million. They make 11 million. They see a lose

1Victor47d ago

@obscured …..
sure like FF =COD money 🤦🏿 and ABK = SE
I guess in your reality 2 + 2 = 22

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Brazz48d ago

Hopefully something better than Forspoken...
Revive Chrono Trigger, give me a great looking remake!!

Snookies1248d ago (Edited 48d ago )

There was one E3 (I think it was E3...) a few years back. Where they played some Chrono music before a conference, and I started losing my mind thinking there would be an announcement. We got nothing. I'd given up hope for a long time. But the release of the Chrono Cross remaster at least gives us a glimmer of light. They may very well be testing the waters for something new in the Chrono series.

FinalFantasyFanatic48d ago

I'd rather have more remastered ports of their older titles, the only remake I liked from them in recent memory was Trials of Mana.

Lexreborn248d ago

So… play to nostalgia and do the thing gamers consistently scream they hate by making more remakes? These companies can’t win with the gaming community at large.

They make a new IP give it love and market it. Y’all dismantle it and don’t support it. They revive a dead series and try to take it into a new direction y’all find whatever little issue you can to dismantle it and don’t support it. They remake/remaster a game everyone wants y’all cry they can’t do anything original and piss on it.

The crazy part is, they are clearly trying but people are never happy. Strangers of paradise was a good fun co-op game from last year. Yeah it was rough around some edges but as a game it had what was important FUN gameplay.

Valkyrie Elysium was a fun game bigger with a little to much nothing going on. Still a fun game, I hadn’t played star ocean yet so no opinion. Forspoken was a crazy fun game with some ambitious tech going on and people over focused on the dialogue.

Funny thing is all these games have weak narrative but great gameplay. Somewhere along the way the community has forgotten how important gameplay really is.

You’d think the cyberpunk debacle would have been the standard for bad AAA game as well as Halo Infinite in not holding up to their potential. But somehow people have been turning on square Enix like they are EA, and now I’m seeing EA becoming a good guy in some peoples eyes.

Crazy how quick everyone forgets

shinoff218348d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Screaming about remakes seems more split then just the majority if anything. I'd be cool with some remakes from snes ps1 Era from square. That's when they were on top of their game. It's called the golden Era of rpgs for a reason.

I have yet to see praise for ea. Aside from dead space which is bs praise cause dead space legwork was already laid. It was just ea having to give the green light.

Knushwood Butt48d ago

DQ and FF are such strong brands they have a hard time establishing new brands.

Still, just beat Life is Strange - Before the Storm and thought it was good after a dodgy start.

FinalFantasyFanatic48d ago

True, those two can sell on brand name alone, I thought Bravely Default was pretty good, but they can't seem to establish it like DQ/FF, also, some of their other titles that should have done well, just didn't, like Guardians of the Galaxy and TWEWY Neo.

shinoff218348d ago

Marvel probably didn't help gaurdians. People were turned off at that point.

FinalFantasyFanatic47d ago

I suspect that Marvel game was one of the big turn offs for this game, it had more marketing than TWEWY Neo (which I suspect was possibly that game's downfall), and plenty of streamers played it on release, so it's not like people didn't know it was out. Can't blame people for being burnt once and hesitating to risk being burnt a second time, now if only people were that cautious more often for other games.

At least I managed to get Guardians for $30 on Steam in the middle of last year, so I'll enjoy that when I get around to playing it.

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