Hogwarts Legacy Already Live On Twitch By Multiple Streamers

Various streamers on Twitch have seemingly gotten their hands on Hogwarts Legacy before its early access starts next week.

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Snookies1250d ago

I seriously hate stuff like this... Stores need a much heavier penalty for releasing games early.


Like what? It’s just a video game bro relax. There has always been products leaked early and there always will be. Just avoid it.

roadkillers50d ago

I agree, this is no different than someone messing up your order at McDonalds. It’s not the whole store, it’s one guy who f’d up. Someone sold the game early, not an entire store. This will continue being a thing until we are digital only.

Snookies1250d ago

I've been spoiled so many times on games because they were sold early. Games I was very much looking forward to. Then I get to see "final boss fight" or B.S. like that slapped in my YouTube recommended videos days before it even launches. How is this not an issue for other people?

Binarycode50d ago

execution. Doom style. :) It's just a game. don't watch the stream. simples.

If they are not mean to have the game, then stop the stream. Only way otherwise.

shinoff218350d ago

Snookie ,

Just don't watch it.

MontyeKristo49d ago

But it's not always "just a videogame." For some of these streamers - it's their livelihood. Getting the views/watchers on Twitch.

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Inverno50d ago

Shouldn't the streamers be penalized instead? There's a bunch of videos on YouTube since a couple days ago too. The problem aren't the stores, the problem is that publishers have allowed people to upload entire playthroughs of games, so people think they have the right to spoil it early too.

roadkillers50d ago

No… it’s their copy of the game that they bought. When you purchase something it is yours

OMGitzThatGuy50d ago

@roadkillers Streamers don't have the rights to broadcast games even if they brought it, let alone before the actual release date. Streaming and youtube videos are seen as free marketing and DMCA'ing them would only have fans pissed off, so they don't, so no one, besides Nintendo sometimes, enforces it.

Inverno50d ago

I agree that when something is bought it belongs to who bought it, but the contents of the disc has a copyright owner that isn't us. I'm not bootlicking but most forms of media aren't allowed to just be uploaded freely on YouTube or twitch. Games have been the exception cause publishers use it as adverts. They created their own spoiler problem which they can't really be picky on when to DMCA cause they've allowed it to go on for so long. The problem isn't the stores or the streamers, the videos are avoidable. The titles are not tho, and so are articles with spoilers on their headlines.

porkChop50d ago

No. They legally bought the game. The problem is the retailers. A game can't be sold early unless a store chooses to break street date. Right now there's basically zero repercussion. There needs to be some kind of penalty.

shinoff218350d ago

It's not spoiling. Don't watch. I haven't seen a single thing for it except a little 40 sec map video. I couldn't help it

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CrimsonWing6950d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Hate what? That people are playing it early? Sh*t, I wish I was lucky enough to get to play a game early. Besides, I’d like to see some of it early to know what it’s like and get even more hyped to play it.

If it’s that big of a deal, don’t watch it? 🤷‍♂️

GoodGuy0950d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Eh let it be what it be. People have connections to get early copies and stores don't really care at times and just release it. Happens all the time, we live in a big world after all.

The good is that people can tell us ahead of time if the game sucks and if it's broken. Ofc what sucks about it is spoilers though.

Christopher50d ago

I noticed someone in there got banned for streaming a game they own and bought legally. That's not how this should work. If a retailer releases a game earlier, that's not the player's fault. Don't punish players for playing games legally.

shinoff218350d ago

Sometimes it's mom and pop shops. I don't think they deserve to be heavily penalized. Maybe talked to at most. I remember back in early 00s I worked at Walmart in electronics. I was stocking dvds, my first week. A rep was in there and I had a box of dvds, they came orange pink and green. I had a green one out on the floor. She got snippy about why is the green box out here the street date boxes are green. Well not one employee explained that to me. So sometimes it may be by accident at some places.

MeteorPanda50d ago

This is the best oppurtunity for gamers to actually see unedited and unbias gameplay? Devs hate the early release because any fuckup in the game is exposed. story is the only thing negativly being exposed. This games not story but lore based.

you lose nothing, don't fall for the media trap of always against a early preveiw. Most devs let their games go to twitch streamers 2-3 days before official release all the time

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CantThinkOfAUsername50d ago

One streamer amassing more than 400 viewers. Wow, he surely broke the Internet by spoiling the game for millions...

Number1TailzFan50d ago

People are probably just pissed that they'll potentially see spoilers pop up over YouTube etc.. But that goes for anything, games or movies, just try and avoid it.

Neonridr50d ago

So follow up to this story, I just got a shipping notification from Best Buy (in Canada) that my Deluxe Edition of the PS5 game has shipped. That means I should expect this game by Monday, which will still be 4 days early. Surprised a big company like that would break a street date by a week.

Leeroyw49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

❤️ Big whoop. Wunnafightaboudit?

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