Alan Wake 2 Is Remedy's Biggest Title Yet, Says Creative Director

Remedy Entertainment's creative director Sam Lake appeared in an interview and noted the lingering aspirations for the upcoming Alan Wake 2.

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isarai52d ago

I wonder if they will try to do what they originally intended with the 1st game and make it an open world. When SW1 was first announced it was supposed to be an open world set on that island, and the nightmares would happen dynamically. Even showed off some gameplay before they scaled it back.

gangsta_red52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

I wasn't a fan of part one as I thought the actual gameplay was repetitive. But after Control, I am fired up to see how they do this sequel and if they connect it together.

babadivad51d ago

Quantum Break is better than both of them.

gangsta_red51d ago

I tried QB a while back and just never finished it. I keep hearing that it's actually a cool game. I'm going to have to sit down and just give it another go sometime

pietro2151d ago

QB is good, but it isn't as good as Alan Wake story wise and Control plays a lot better and felt more intense.

babadivad47d ago


I liked the story in QB better than Alen Wake. The story of Alen Wake was a bit too close to the novel "The Dark Half" by Stephen King.

For someone who has never read that novel, I can see how you'd think AW was better.

I also like SciFi a hair more than horror so that's another notch for QB to me.

Gameplay is more fun on QB since it's more action oriented instead of suspense oriented like AW. Both great games though.

MWH51d ago

Looking forward to it.