Sony: 30% of PS5 MAU's Have Never Used a PS4, User "Engagement Metrics" From PS4 to PS5 Higher

Sony reveals that 30% of PS5 monthly active users (MAU's) have never used a PS4. Also that "engagement metrics" from PS4 to PS5 are higher.

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darthv7246d ago

I don't know if they are really new to PS5 or just users who created new PSN ID specific to PS5. Seems kind of odd though but not unheard of. Hell we have several people on N4G that admit to creating multiple XB tags just to get the $1 gamepass deal. I can say from my own experience that my son did this when he got his PS5. For his own reasons he made a new ID for the 5 that was not on his 4. So I'm sure that counts as one of that 30%.

ocelot0746d ago

Don't understand why people make new accounts for the gamepass deals? Not sure if it's any different around the word. But for people of the UK you can actually get gamepass ultimate for less than £3 a month.

Cdkeys have 1 month gamepass ultimate codes for £2.70. The catch is you can't stack them or have a active subscription. However you can buy as many as you want. I recently just about 12 codes for the price of £32.40. I redeemed the first one on Christmas day when I got a series s. Then a few days ago when it expired I redeemed the second code. So when that expires at the end of the month I'll redeem the 3rd code.

crazyCoconuts46d ago

For GamePass and certain subs you can only do the $1 deal once per ID. So I can see why some may want to create another account when they come back later to snipe another game.

VenomUK46d ago

"Nearly 30% of PS5ʼs MAUs are users who never used PS4, so, with the spread of PS5, the acquisition of new users is progressing."

@darthv72 Hi Darth, your son who owns a PS4 and then creating a new PSN ID for his PS5 definitely IS an example of how a person can be a new active user on PS5 however this behaviour is atypical. Whilst there could be others I would doubt in total makes up even .5% percent. Whilst ocelot7 has indicated that he has created multiple accounts to take advantage of Game Pass deals (which artificially inflates statistics of Xbox's total user base) there is no financial benefit for people to do this on PlayStation.

Whenever I have moved from one Xbox to another or one PlayStation to another the easier thing to do has been to use the same login details. Of course we also know most gamers grow attached to their Gamerscore and Trophies too.

What we can take from this figure that, almost 30% of Monthly Active Users are new to PS5, is precisely that, take it at face value! The question is where have they come from? Are they mostly people from other consoles platforms buying a second console to experience the unique PS games or brand new to gaming?

crazyCoconuts46d ago

I can't think of any good reason for that to be common - PS doesn't give out those first month free/$1 deals like GamePass does, at least not in my market.

LoveSpuds46d ago

I don't think Sony would overlook the existence of multiple accounts in their analysis of user data, they would want accurate data.

Having said that, I just wanted to mention why I have 2 accounts. I have my main account dating back to the launch of PSN on PS3 where all my purchases and history reside. I also created a second account where I replay games and want to platinum them again. My second account trophy list is all platinums, it just gives me a fun additional reason to replay some fave games.

Deathdeliverer46d ago


On Xbox there was a benefit to making new accounts like the offers you’re talking about. On PS3 and early PS4 there was the trade of a new name because you couldn’t change it back then but you lost your trophies and purchases. BootyLrd just wasn’t funny anymore.
At the middle of PS4 you could change your name (and still to today I imagine) once for so for free. Maybe 3 times 🤔 Don’t remember, I’ve had the same screen name since Socom and Xbox live first started.
Point is, they are talking about actual active users. I simply cannot see the angle of why anyone would have more than one account outside of downloading demos from a foreign store, which I am guilty of, but that isn’t an active user. Even if you DID want maybe 7 days of PS+ free, you’d need more credit cards than screennames lol. Won’t work on the same card. Your example fails there Darth.

LoveSpuds46d ago

We don't even know what metrics or data Sony are using to arrive at these conclusions though Darth, so the multiple accounts angle is pure speculation.

Sony generally tend to be up front with their figures so I don't see them wanting to put out misleading comments. They will actually want accurate user data as this informs a lot of business planning and forecasting, I am pretty sure they have thought about the existence of multiple accounts and factored that in.

CBaoth46d ago

he's going his best damage control since Orchard's AFK. Orchard couldn't take getting official numbers AND percentages simultaneously. He had to go lay down and have Darth pick up the slack

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darkrider46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Great news. This means Sony is getting new gamers by huge numbers!

Stop trying to find excuses... Who would want to lose all their ps4 history and trophies and friend list by this percentage...some maybe, 30% nope.

And of course that ps5 gamers are playing much more, because the amount of quality games from day one is a reality. Blockbuster games sell consoles.

crazyCoconuts46d ago

If this is true, Xbox has got to turn this around quickly. The more imbalanced the population is, the more relatively expensive an exclusive is, since Xbox would have to pay a third party the lost revenue of keeping it off PS. Also, the cheaper it becomes for PS to do the same thing to Xbox, unfortunately.
Even for 1st party games, that lost opportunity cost of not making a game available on PS and the diminished sales on Xbox makes it harder and harder to keep their games off of PS. If there's gonna be a turnaround, Xbox, better hurry...

UltimateOwnage46d ago

Hence they keep buying up more of the 3rd party games and giving them away in a GP sub to coerce people onto their platform. Winning by buying companies for IP and immediately causing large scale attrition of key talent is really not paying off for them so far.

Tapani46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

That's massive if the numbers are really true and these are new unique users. Many of the Playstation user base tend to upgrade from their previous console relatively late in the cycle, but now that you have first time a PS4 Pro to upgrade from, some may wait till a possible Slim or PS5 Pro arrives. While I'm a PC + Nintendo gamer today, I wish all the best to PS sales as this would mean more funding for the world's best development teams, both 1st and 2nd party, and hopefully also more games for PC users in the end albeit a bit later.

I actually would hope the PS5 stays without a mid-gen update and that Sony just releases a slim and the cycle would continue for a longer time, and that PS5 would surpass the legendary 150M mark. Then, later there would be a whole new generation with PS6 when the prices have calmed down. This would probably mean that both PS5 and PC users can benefit from their hardware for longer, and eventually ideally lower game development costs meaning more focus on the content, writing and gameplay features rather than improving graphics.

Hofstaderman46d ago

I agree with everything you said accept that hard are ps gamers upgrade later to the next PlayStation console. In this case there were extreme ps5 shortages around the globe. Personally, I could only get my hands on one a year post launch. A large portion do, however stick with the previous console as Sony typically supports it for a number of years as was the case with the ps1, ps2, ps3 and the ps4 although in its case it’s receiving even more continued game releases due to the dynamics played out by the pandemic.
We are seeing newer exclusives being released for the ps5 only which will only serve to increase its sales.

Tapani46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I do agree with you on the Supply Chain woes and production being lower than anticipated in the first two years, however, companies do also adjust production based on demand. If there was a demand for PS5 of 150M at the release, they would have increased capacity those numbers in mind. If there were not enough parts or materials, they would have increased purchasing those parts from suppliers, knowing that the demand is so high that they can increase the price.

They know based on preorder numbers and historical data, customer insights data and surveys and lifespan of the existing devices based on games releases that the demand for the first few years will be lower. Once the demand slowly becomes higher, or stays constant, as people move from their existing devices, they ramp up the production to match this, while also lowering the cost. Or vice versa. This has been the true and tried formula of console manufacturers (and quite often in similar consumer electronics manufacturing companies) for decades.

FlameWater46d ago

Had a PS3, didn't feel like paying for online so I switched to PC. Other than Gran Turismo and NHL I don't feel the need to get a console.

jznrpg46d ago

I’m the totally opposite . I use to be a PC/Console player but I ditched PC as it doesn’t have great PC only games like there was back in the day . There were a lot of RPGs that were PC only , not this indie stuff but big games. Neverwinter Nights , Baldurs Gate , Icewindale stuff like that . Now I can get just about every game on PS and Nintendo. I am not a multiplayer person so I don’t see myself using PC anytime in the near future . Same with Xbox, ditched it after first half of its life which they really didn’t give much of a choice as they were Kinect crazy and didn’t release much after that first half and haven’t released anything I had to have since . The one game I would play a little bit is Killer Instinct but I’m it into fighters anymore and I wouldn’t play it a lot but I liked the arcade game as a teenager .

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