Redfall's Always Online Connectivity Makes A Hard Sell Even Harder

News has come out recently that Redfall will require an always online connection, even if playing solo. What a joke.

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sammarshall10246d ago

I've already seen some diehard Xbox guys on Twitter say that they're gonna pass on Redfall now

It's almost like some of these gaming studios want to sabotage their releases

sparky7746d ago

If they are diehard Xbox guys they have Game Pass and if they have Game Pass they will at least try it since it's free, unless Starfield is already out then it will be dead on arrival.

shinoff218346d ago

Good point sparky , if I had to guess I'd say redfall will be out first. Starfield is gonna be dope though so I think most will flock to that

Rude-ro46d ago Show
darthv7246d ago

Rude... it is included with the membership at no additional charge. AKA "free", as most understand it. Doesn't matter if they are right or wrong, the point is they can play the game without shelling out any more $$ to do so.

neutralgamer199246d ago


No Darth as someone who signed up for next 3 years it's not free. I paid for the service expecting the games to be on the service day one

It can't be free if we sign up knowing these games will be on there day one. I understand your point but you also must understand free means just that FREE

46d ago
Godmars29046d ago

the old argument:

"Free with subscription"

Its not free if accessed through a subscription.

The real difference in that "argument, the one a side is in denial of, is MS's intent to make subscriptions the only way to access games under their brand. The threat such a mentality represents to customers and their ownership of games. That other companies also offer subs shouldn't be reason to dismiss what MS is doing, it should be held against them as well.

Hofstaderman46d ago

@neutralgamer1992 Day one IF /WHEN/ EVER released. It’s Microsoft after all…

Christopher46d ago

***Rude... it is included with the membership at no additional charge. AKA "free"***

What are you paying for if not the games? Are you just donating money to Microsoft and they just happen to have games you can play?

darthv7246d ago

@chris, I am paying for the service as a whole. Not one specific game or feature but the totality. That includes games for console, pc, online play...

Anything added is just part of that by default. Im not paying extra for anything specific. If GP had tiers like plus then I could see peoples point about paying extra for something offered in another tier.

Is it renting, sure. Do I care, nope.

EvertonFC45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Diehard gamers buy games not subs, subs are for casuals mainly although a diehard will buy occasional 1 month subs for some Indies or 3rd party.

OptimusDK45d ago

OMG. The dame stupid diskussion free or not. The point is the marginal cost for playing Redfall if you own game pass is ZERO. That is the point it’s not that difficult

Binarycode45d ago

Starfield looks nothing special tbh.

Fallout 4 in space, bound to have a ton of bugs with that engine. and atm the framerate looks awful.

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-Foxtrot46d ago

It's still sad people defend it though with the shitty "everyone has online" excuse

Having online is one issue but what happens when the servers finally go down? Your game is then useless in the future, it'll be worthless. Can't play it, can't sell it.

I swear people don't look at these things logically

If you give things like this a pass now it will come and bite you in the ass harder in years to come.

sammarshall10246d ago

This is very well said bro! Great comment! And yeah if Xbox is so about game preservation then they need to stop making games always online. This applies to the whole industry too

As a primary PS gamer, I'm glad that they still have most of their games playable offline

shinoff218346d ago


Exactly notneveryone has online or even high speed. I got a buddy that lives out in the middle of nowhere. He gets whack internet.

343_Guilty_Spark45d ago

Go down when? In 10 years? I'll be on something else.

Zeref45d ago

If the servers do go down. They can easily modify the game to be played offline only. games have done this before, Right now, this is a non-issue. People just like to sensationalize things.

Crows9045d ago

That's why it's a live service. You don't actually want to own it. Sales will be miniscule. Especially since most would have been on PlayStation anyways.

TiredGamer45d ago

Unless the game mechanics are directly tied to some essential online/live function, there is no reason that, upon sunsetting in 5 or 10 years (if game popularity significantly wanes) that it can't be modified to function offline.

This is what I expect to occur with Gran Turismo 7, as I think the "always-online" aspects are tied to the car markets, credit system, and anti-cheating measures. Once the game is no longer financially significant to Sony (like when GT8 or GT9 come out), I can see this live aspect of the title being turned off and the game remaining playable into perpetuity.

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DarXyde46d ago

To me, every instance of consumers pushing back against always-online where it is not warranted is reassuring. Don't be so quick to support these things, folks. Chances are, when companies do that, it's to collect your data or inflate their metrics. Maybe both. Still haven't played GT Sport.

z2g45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

right.... everyone says that just to bitch not even realizing how much of their current generation gaming is already using the sh*t out of their internet connections - ps5 and xbox users both (GT7 is also awlays online for example).

What i've learned is that people talk tough, and a fraction of those people actually follow though, and all of those people with the loudest voices are a tiny fraction of the millions upon millions of gamers who could honestly care less about how much online connectivity is required or about console wars in general - myself included.

The whole main point and draw of Redfall is to play multiplayer teams which obviously requires an internet connection. So if these people are saying they will pass because of the online component then I feel their comments are disingenuous as they are dismissing something that is required to use the biggest selling point of the game. Yes you don't have to play online but again, thats thats a second tier feature. Makes no logicial sense.

GamerRN45d ago

Why do Sony Ponies have to knock every Xbox game while bragging about their little releases? Jesus, can we all just grow up?

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lelo2play46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Unfortunately PC gamers are getting used to this. Several PC single-player games are using the Denuvo protection (including Redfall), and that protection always phones home if you want to play the game.

No internet... can't play.
If Denuvo servers go down... can't play.

Basically, you pay full price for the game, but you don't really own the game.

CrimsonWing6946d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I still don’t understand the issue really.

I know not everyone has the greatest internet, but just being connected is enough. You don’t need fiber or anything expensive. I can only speak for myself, but I always have my home network up. If I don’t, I can’t watch TV, and I can’t work. Why don’t people freak out about Netflix always needing a network connection? I just don’t get why this is any different. Your network is up, you’re fine, hell hotspot with your phone if your network goes out. Fortnite, one of the most popular games out there is online only? Complaining about a game being online only may have been a thing back 2007, but jeezus I think it’s only an issue for the Amish at this point.

We’re in 2023 having working internet is kind of the norm.

lelo2play46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Can you guaranty the Denuvo servers will exist forever? What if in 5 years Denuvo disappears for some reason and the servers go down?

You purchased a game that has denuvo, you install it but can't play ... then what?
The best internet on Earth isn't going to fix that problem.

CrimsonWing6946d ago


Isn’t that the risk you take for all online only games? How much money have people dumped into GaaS games? Those eventually won’t be playable, but I think they get their money’s worth and after a while something new replaces it.

At some point we’re going to move to digital only. Digital sales already out pace physical sales and we’re seeing services like Game Pass and PS+ Premium pop-up with pretty good success.

lelo2play46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

I'm talking about single-player games that have denuvo.
For example, if denuvo servers go down, all the games on the list become unplayable...

XiNatsuDragnel46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

there are dead spots and or live in the navy or remote areas I don't think gaming industry rn has the guts to do digital only unless ppl are going riot and when it's does you know I'll be moving on to a new hobby.
Plus most gamers have grown up with a physical drive to insert their games so I think it's more than Amish issues it's a worldwide issue.

CrimsonWing6946d ago


I feel like the navy, and i'm assuming you're referring to submarines, is such a small % of users that would be affected.

Not to mention, submarines do have network capabilities. It's just extremely limited when submerged and not surfaced. Plus... I dunno, I think they'd be busy working and not worried about gaming or at the very least have other ways to entertain themselves. I mean they can't Netflix or surf the net and I haven't heard anyone losing their minds over it.

You're telling me because games go digital only you'll quit the hobby? I sincerely doubt that. I know you're upset over it, but let's be mature here. If they made a next-gen amazing sequel to a series you like you know you'll play it even it's digital only.

And I'm sorry, but if the games like Fortnite and GTA Online thrive to the point where they exceed single player game sales. You're wrong about digital games and online only games.

hotnickles46d ago

Needing online for offline content is the issue. It’s simple and stupid and the longer it sticks around the dumber it gets.

If you can’t access offline content because their servers are down or your internet is down or any multitude of problems then thats just terrible design. They need to rethink their options. I could play left4dead offline. It wasn’t preferable but it was possible. It’s 2023 and we are devolving.

XiNatsuDragnel45d ago


Even if it's a small amount of users. It's significant enough that gaming companies wouldn't fully commit even in these rumored edition of ps5 or ps6 they have external CD drive to make sure that everyone is included.

Just because certain games are successful doesn't mean all are you know many Service games fail and shut down I can name a lot. Anthem is one.

Service games live and die on connections. Server outages or hacking then gg no re your experience.

Submarines may have internet but I don't think they support high bandwidth due what you said even though they could use that to support their families.

Mature? Upset? Oh no I'm not upset at least I am just explaining that I won't support an industry that goes in an always online and I expressed that there are other hobbies that companies would love my support and money not just gaming.

I rather have offline because i believe we need options rather than segregation which always online

But I feel you're not seeing this clearly enough.

Vx_45d ago

I travel a lot by air and ground transportations i played with my switch a lot too, I’m saving to get on of those new pc handles to play my pc games while traveling .. last thing i need is an online requirement to play a single player game, thank you very much but they can keep that game to themselves not bothering

Crows9045d ago

Shouldn't be forced to pay extra for a service you already pay for. Something being the norm doesn't make it okay. So many horrible things were the norm.

KILLnFOOLz44d ago

It’s because these are probably ANTIFA people that want everything free and demand that you adopt their way a thinking. They’re just crazy really and can’t live in reality.

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XxINFERNUSxX46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

If it's like Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time on PC it will be cracked and no need for always online which that game is. Just download install, and smile 😄

darthv7246d ago

I dont know anything about denuvo but I do know that before a service shuts down they usually let people know. And if it is a reputable service they even offer a way to carry over purchased content to another service. Or unlock it so there is no online required.

When Vudu decided to close up, they sent me an email that I could transfer my content to fandango... so I did. People worry about the what if that they never think about the enjoyment in the now. Play it now, get your fun out of it and only worry when it happens... not if it happens.

mkis00746d ago

Vudu? Still around, watched a few movies a few weeks ago.

DarXyde45d ago


I have to disagree with this take. Surely, you can see some of the issues with what you mention. You say "usually" and "if a service is reputable" which, frankly, does not inspire confidence.

Some people are okay with the risk of games ending with nothing really to show for it. Fair enough, but I contend consumers should absolutely be thinking about that if*, especially with purchased content. In cases like Candy Crush or Diablo Immortal where people can (and often enough do) purchase content in-game, I think services like those ending would be devastating for people, particularly whales and people with addict characteristics. At least by keeping the if in mind, people can be cognizant of that fact and avoid being cavalier with their finances. "If" can be a protective factor. You can still have fun with it, but at least that concern inspires caution.

darthv7245d ago

@Mkis... my bad. I was confusing things. It was ultraviolet had notified people to link their profiles with vudu. And then vudu was bought by fandango.

@darxyde, the point is there was a path to retain what you had if you moved it to another service. And if those services shut down, Im sure there will be another path to move them again. Now i am talking about movies/tv but we can assume the same for games. Stadia didnt give people the choice to move their stuff unless it was ubisoft games. Instead they offered to refund. Still better than just losing everything like many worry about.

Already services offered by Nintendo, Sony and MS have closed down but before they did... they gave people the opportunity to gather up what they could. So at least the big three will inform you of it happening and not just pull the rug from under you without warning.

Gh0stman8946d ago

The practice itself isn't a great one. If I paid $70 for a game I want to play it whenever, wherever regardless of internet. Redfall is one I'd play on game pass anyways though and to do so I already have to get online to get it. If for whatever reason I find myself without internet I got plenty of other games on my Xbox, PS5, Switch and Deck. Not supporting the practice but not getting game pass just for that game either. It's already there and costs me no extra to try it out than I'm already spending.

crazyCoconuts45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Agreed. The way I look at it:
If getting on GamePass:
- Doesn't matter, you're renting anyway. You don't "own" it. Services go away, games can leave GamePass too
If not getting on GamePass:
- If you want to play Single Player
-- If Single player sucks, don't buy (I'm betting Single player will suck)
- -If it's good buy physical then sell when you're done
- If you want to play Multiplayer
- -Always online doesn't matter because you need online anyway.

Duke1946d ago (Edited 46d ago )

If it’s a good game, I could care less it’s always online. I feel like this topic is wildly overblown nowadays, and really we are all just pilling on it because it’s an Xbox game.

Personally I still just need to see if the game is actually good

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CrimsonWing6946d ago

It 100% is wildly overblown. We use so many things now that require an active online connectivity. For my job it's essential the use of server connectivity, Dropbox, Slack, emailing, etc. Also, my source of entertainment also requires online connectivity Hulu, Prime, YouTube, Netflix.

Also, when I game I'm always online. I can't think of a single time when I gamed and my network was down.

There's already a ton of titles I own digitally and for many years it has never been an issue. My entire Steam library is digital only and again, I've never gone on my computer without a network connection. Hell, me typing on here requires a network connection.

It's just people who have a difficult time with change. There'll be a generation that grew up without physical media who won't care at all about this.

Hofstaderman46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

That’s odd. I know even in PSN I had issues where my licenses weren’t recognised. Sometimes the license refresh option fixed those other times I had to wait an hour or even half a day for Sony to sort things on their side. Given downtime is rare it’s still disrupted my playtime which is limited due to work and family responsibilities.
If I want to play my ps1 to ps3 games I merely insert a disc on the respective console and play.
This can’t be done to Redfall with what information we have currently.

sammarshall10246d ago

It's really not about Xbox, it's about forever access to what you pay for to own

Servers getting shut down is very much a real thing that shouldn't be ignored especially for games that can be played solo

Duke1946d ago (Edited 46d ago )

One of those articles is from 2017 for an entirely different GT game, and I would argue that neither of the 2 applicable titles you linked from over a year ago was as bold as “Makes a Hard Sell even Harder”.

In typical fashion my comments here are gonna be reported for saying it but N4G doesn’t realize how comically anti MS they are. That’s the only reason this article is getting traction

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hotnickles46d ago

Killed it for me. The only reason you need that is to have a store and regulate mtx content. Not interested.