New 10-Minute The Day Before Gameplay Video Unleashed

Fntastic has released a new 10-minute The Day Before gameplay video that features the game's combat, setting and how it's shaping up.

RpgSama115d ago

This does not look good, interesting concept, TLOU meets the Division, just does not look anywhere near as good as when it was announced, which everybody kind of already knew was going to be the case.

NicSage115d ago

something looks good in the vid...

RpgSama115d ago

LOL, I did definitely noticed that, the developers wanted to distract us from actually looking at the gameplay.

Moe-Gunz115d ago

DayZ style which is cool but this showed a bunch of nothing when they know people are calling them out for possibly being a scam or fake.

EvertonFC114d ago

Agreed, been following the development for awhile now and I have to say the snowy NY setting in Division looks better being a 6 year old game.
Also the 10 minute gameplay just looked boring tbh which is shame.

staticall115d ago

This is a far cry from that "Countryside" trailer. Atmosphere is not right. Everything is just empty and so slooooow. It's a town - where are military checkpoints? Where are barricades? Where are the bodies (surely, at least some zombies got killed)? Environments are lacking, feels too clean, like everyone just got teleported somewhere, nothing interesting in sight.
Shooting looks ok, but exploration - meh. I would say that the only thing i've enjoyed is the main characters... ahm, you know... Posture

And just to "prove" to anyone that the game is real, they've uploaded a prerecorded video entitled «Playing The Day Before. Short». Not a live stream, but a prerecorded video (that surely can't be faked). That'll surely convert all the sceptics! /s

Inverno115d ago

Well if you look at the trailer from a year ago you'd see that this isn't really too different from that. Few undead when there's any at all, clean looking, empty, static environments, very slow. The only difference I saw was the gun upgrades. That off screen video does seem a bit odd. Like the keyboard presses are sometimes ahead of what is shown in the game.
What's the logic behind faking this for over a year. You can't sell a product that isn't real, it's not crow funded last I checked, and they'd get into legal issues scamming a publisher. It's all just bizarre.

staticall115d ago

I completely agree with you, but what i was thinking - in that trailer, "Countryside", it was a kinda far away deserted place, so few zombies and even slowness made some sense. I was actually thinking that slow searching for items prompt was a choice, like in State of Decay if that makes sense - hold for slow and quiet or quickly tap for faster but noizy search. And it has few containers.

Yep, i was also thinking this is bizarre, but again, they haven't provided any proof, just «Trust me, bro», which is super weird. I mean, one live session for an hour or something would've cleared a lot of scepticism.
My guess - they have some sort of private investment and they're just slowly draining all the money they can.

I mean, they have another game, Propnight, and they have being releasing videos about new killers or whatever. So they have time to support that game and develop new MMO at the same time? I dunno, many big studios can't do that properly.

It also looks like they lied about the trademark dispute (as far as i understood) and they themselves actually pulled the page down.
Their website doesn't say how many employees they have, but mention 200 volunteers, aka, free labor. If you search for "Work at Fntastic" - there are no available work positions, just volunteering. This is so weird. Maybe they're using free labor to make their game and that's why it's that way? Volunteers probably come and go and i don't think many professional developers would volunteer for long, making a game for someone else.

masterfox115d ago

indeed , the first thing I notice too I think is a must buy now. :D

rpvenom115d ago

Not sure who made the executive decision to show this video.. What did they think would be the reaction to this?

RaidenBlack115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Don't know what the TLOU Factions II going to be (won't be an MMO) but will sure have much more content for it to be standalone game ... and don't know if it'll release on PC ... and also don't know if Day Before will release on consoles ...
But if Fntastic wants to get any playerbase for this game, they need to release it before any heavy hitter like Factions II or any other next big online survival game releases on PC ....

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