Sony Dualsense Edge PS5 controller review: features beyond compare

More than two years on from the PS5's release, Sony's new DualSense Edge controller offers a premium upgrade over the gamepad bundled with the console - and a rival to Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller. It's a competition-focused pro gamepad with back paddles, fully remappable buttons, adjustable triggers and swappable parts. The Edge costs a steep £210/$200 at launch - so is it worth the premium? And how does it compare to third-party alternatives - not to mention the Xbox Elite controller?

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Orchard52d ago

The teardown is interesting. I'd assumed the lower battery life was simply due to enhanced polling, haptics etc. and the same stock DS battery being used. But in actual fact, they've put a battery in it that is ~33% weaker than the stock DS controller (~1050mAh vs 1560mAh).

A premium controller should have a battery greater than or equal to the base controller.

crazyCoconuts52d ago

They stated they made the battery smaller to keep the size down and I assume weight too. There's a lot packed into those DualSense controllers so I respect that they needed to make room for the Edge's extra features

antikbaka52d ago

no battery would have been even better

Mr_cheese52d ago

Sure it's a little disappointing to hear that the battery life is shorter but what a controller.

Got any positives to go along with your direct negative or...?

SurgicalMenace52d ago

The battery isn't even noticeable tbh. When you're playing with it, your mind is focused on how responsive the controller is. Every game you play it manages to provide a more convenient setup to make the experience more seamless. I can't find any real drawback, as my gaming setup allows for charging to take place at any point. The price is standard in the Pro Controller market, so there are no complaints there either. All those complaining are doing so to justify the fact that they never planned to buy it. The truth is the controller isn't even marketed to them anyway. Only children complain this much, expecting it to change something. Great controller.

52d ago
northpaws52d ago

Honestly if you are ok with the wireless connection lag, you don't need a $200 controller. For me, I will always have it plugged in.