Why Capcom Changed Ashley In Resident Evil 4

Directors Yasuhiro Ampo and Kazunori Kadoi provide more context on why and how it changed players' relationship with Ashley, both as protector and partner.

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Orchard46d ago

The best change with Ashley is that they've made it easier to defend her when she's being grabbed by Ganados. Those portions of the original RE4 were always tedious IMO.

CrimsonWing6946d ago

I thought they were making it harder? Like they’re taking away the dumpster and areas to hide her and she also doesn’t stand still in a single spot.

Orchard46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

You can basically just single button click pre-scripted knife enemies carrying her now, so no risk of accidently hitting her etc.

That being said, I bet the part in the later game where you need to cover her from a distance as she cranks things probably still exists :P

I am sad that you can't dump her in a dumpster anymore though.

Super hyped for this though, it's going to be a long wait, especially as more gameplay etc comes out.

neutralgamer199246d ago

Just give us a story difficulty please for us dad gamers

jeromeface46d ago

sorry, but if you need easy mode you're not a real resident evil fan... at least not OG

MWH46d ago

he's a dad so he gets a pass.

neutralgamer199246d ago

Sir with kids 6,4 and 3 I want the easiest difficulty and unlimited ammo chests if you know what I mean

I respect your opinion when I was younger it was different now I just want to play a little bit and just have fun

bunt-custardly45d ago

It's not necessarily about making the game easier for the sake of it or cheating. More about how much time parents can spend gaming compared to years past. Less time overall, but still a desire to complete games. An easier story difficulty option partially addresses that.

ShwaaMan45d ago

Says YOU? You’re full of it man, and that’s a BS answer. I have played through almost every Souls and Resident Evil game and I still like easy modes for certain games. We adults who take care of our families and work full time and have many household responsibilities don’t care about “proving ourselves” to our gamer friends.
Sometimes we just want to see the game without investing all of our free time(what little we have) trying to “get good”.
Good for you for not having a life so you have the time and dedication to decide who real fans are.

jwillj2k445d ago

I know I won’t beat this game like normal since I don’t have time to play but I support it with my money just like you. I’d also like a ‘story/dad” mode. You can even take the trophies away. who are you to say what we are or aren’t?

jaymacx45d ago

Haha some of you act like playing a difficult game is some rite of passage. Some of us just wanna have fun with a game with the little bit of free time we have. Multiple settings benefits everyone.

pietro2145d ago

Dude. its a video game clam down, he can play on whatever difficulty he wants. Its a video game not a rite of passage. lmao

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onisama45d ago

i feel you...i dont have kids ...but i got a job and got married...having to stress out with a game or spending lot of time in a single game isn't an option a complitionist and after 2 years of marriege i found myself with alot of games in backlog can only finish a game in 4 to 6 months!!! so i had to not playing on easy (yet) but i m obligated to ignore sidequests play a direct play and even use speed and exp multiplayers to finish my games....
im not at that point to play easy mode or playing with infinite ammo but seeing myself leaving lot of my loved part of games (farming chcking every corner and get my character to top tier level that bosses cant handle.... and experiencing everything the game has to offer) is now a thing of the past....i just want t play thro the story and get my stress and life problem out of my chest

dont mind jeromface...we all have been there when we were younger ...passionate..challenge driven