PlayStation 5 sales soar as stock issues improve

Looking ahead, Sony seems confident it can continue to keep PS5 in stock, too. The company has now raised its annual PS5 target to 19m, up by a million units on what it previously expected. This means Sony expects to shift a further 6.2m consoles before 31st March.

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Jin_Sakai470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Incredible. As soon as stocks improved PS5 numbers are skyrocketing. We all knew this would be the case. Sorry Orchard.

MaximusPrime_470d ago

Not surprising. Sony knows how to run a business, especially how to get back on track after hellish COVID year 2020. Yup, Sorry Orchard.

darkrider470d ago

Don't be like that, you could find one on Mexico, Chechenia, Uganda. He even show links... There was no supply problems for him in 2021 or 2022... The reality completely diferent

JEECE470d ago

Haha I forgot the sketchy scam links to buy a PS5 from a Nigerian Prince he posted. Good times.

ThePacemaker470d ago

I feel terrible for Orchard ..

Chevalier470d ago

But Gamepass is the ultimate equalizer! Didn't you know? Outside that what does Playstation have?

Tip revenue
Top digital sales
Top 1st party sales

Oh and their $8.79 Billion ONLY broke the industry record (that's 2 or 3 times they broke their own/industry record though)


"That’s a record for the Japanese giant, and for the industry as a whole."

But nah Orchard thinks it's no big deal because someone else has a cheap service that's convincing people NOT to buy games and dropping revenue.

Chevalier470d ago


"Haha I forgot the sketchy scam links to buy a PS5 from a Nigerian Prince he posted. Good times."

Was probably the prince Eddie Murphy was in Coming to America. 😆 🤣

Joking aside though. But there weren't stock issues Orchard had every link available including this Nigerian prince on speed dial. 😉

darthv72470d ago

And once they unveil the revised 5 with optional optical drive, it will make mfg so much quicker and easier to crank out units. XB has no real counter to that unless they want to introduce a 3rd Series to the mix and fragment their already fragmented user base.

Honestly though... if they did I would still buy it because I love buying new hardware, even if revised. I did it with the Series duo and the PS5's out now. I got room for a 3rd from both.

SoulWarrior469d ago

Don't say that, he'll report it directly to the Activision exec.

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sammarshall102470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

PS5 will be another 100 million + selling console easy

It's funny how some thought this wouldn't be the case before this generation started

yeahokwhatever470d ago

I dont see it happening. 85M Tops.

mkis007470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Better chance at hitting 0 at roulette than it selling less than 100 mill

Im in vegas thats why.

SoulWarrior469d ago (Edited 469d ago )

yeah ok whatever you say,

yeahokwhatever468d ago

its off to a rocky start with supply, and unless they start releasing ACTUAL PS5 games, sales are going to slow TF down at around 60m. I got my PS5 the same way I got my PS1, 2, 2 slim, 3, 3slim, 4, 4pro, psp, psp go, and ps vita: on day 1. this is EASILY the worst generation we've had. it straight up blows.

465d ago
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sammarshall102470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

PlayStation have perfected the formula at this point and this was one of the best first 2 years in terms of good games

God of War Ragnarok
Horizon Forbidden West
Demon Souls
Gran Turismo 7
Uncharted Legacy of Thieves
TLOU Part 1
Sackboy's Big Adventure
Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart
Spider-man MM
Kena Bridge of Spirits
Anno Mutationem
Destruction Allstars

Crows90470d ago


The best included free game ever! Love letter to PlayStation fans.

sammarshall102470d ago

Yep I saw that I missed it and it was too late to edit :(

Hofstaderman470d ago

That’s a nice list of games for new PS5 owners to jump into. There’s some decent bundles that include a game or two but I think most buyers will likely go for the GOW bundle. It’s a great time to be a gamer.

WelkinCole470d ago

Nah not impressed at all. Compare to the PS3. PS3 first 2 years was way better

I am a hardcore PS fanboy but PS5 has been a disapointment for me specifcally in terms of new IP's. Still way better than Xbox or Nintendo but comapre to previous gens PS5 is the weakest in terms of games for me

By the second year of the PS3 we had

Restistance FOM
Hevenly Sword
Demon Souls

And these are just what I can remember

yeahokwhatever470d ago

TOTALLY agree. PS5's lineup is the worst in PlayStation history, though still better than its current competition. also, how many PS5 games even exist? Returnal? everything is a damn PS4 game still. I'm very disappointed.

sammarshall102469d ago (Edited 469d ago )

@yeahokwhatever Yeah ok whatever 😁

darkrider470d ago

The only problem for Sony in the last two years was supply. Nothing more. The moment it get easier to have one.... Sales explode. No need to inflate sales with nothimg

victorMaje470d ago

It was inevitable. The storm has begun.