Famitsu sales [1/23 - 1/29] Wonderful Life tops the list, Forspoken and Disgaea 7 also ranked

Famitsu: "On the other hand, hardware sales were also strong this week, with PlayStation 5 selling 62,908 units, including the standard model and digital edition. Cumulative sales exceeded 2.6 million units."

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Nyxus49d ago

PlayStation 5 sold more than Switch this week.

GoodGuy0949d ago

Nice. A wonderful life well deserves it and I can't wait for the US release.
Hope Marvelous can remake 64 and hero of leaf valley (not the psp one please) as well.

ZeekQuattro48d ago

Forspoken did as expected in Japan. It never really had a chance but Square needs to learn how to better stretch out its releases. Having multiple Square games releasing so close to each other isn't helping. Square has had a game come out every month for the last few months. Some months had multiple Square titles spread across platforms.

eagle2148d ago

Congrats to Sony this week!