Sony Increases PS5 Sales Prediction to 19 Million Units for Full Year as PlayStation Momentum Grows

During Sony's financial conference call, CFO Hiroki Totoki talked about the PlayStation business and updated the PS5 sales forecast for the full year.

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Nyxus498d ago

So nearly 30% of PS5 users did not own a PS4, that's pretty interesting.

Bathyj497d ago

Very. Statistically speaking it means a lot of people are jumping ship.

Nyxus497d ago

Yep, those are new players that they attracted on top of the PS4 users upgrading to PS5. Good news.

mandf497d ago

Scalpers bought the majority. It would be an interesting statistic broken down

VenomUK497d ago

What's up fellow gamers! I still don't get the point of this new-fangled Discord chat.

Is it supposed to be that when you're playing God of War: Ragnarok you have a voice call with Herbert from support about why your delivery hasn't arrived yet?

porkChop497d ago

I've always wondered about stats like that: How do they actually know?

S2Killinit497d ago

I think based on accounts, or a person’s game list. My PS4 list followed me unto my PS5.

porkChop497d ago

Oh. Doesn't seem that accurate when people have multiple accounts, but I guess it's probably the only way they could really check.

darkrider497d ago

Gamers want to play new blockbusters

EvertonFC497d ago

If that trend continues we could have a PS2 total sales beater on our hands ?

Hofstaderman497d ago

Definitely but I think the PS5 has to also be available on store shelves for a time period comparable to the purchase availability of the ps2.

DarXyde497d ago

I wonder if it's a sign that Sony is regaining people who checked out after PS2, given the strong early years of the X360. Sony gained a lot back from PS3 to PS4, but still not peak PlayStation.

It's definitely interesting. But I also wonder if PS5 is in more markets than its predecessor.

JEECE497d ago

I assume they are just basing this stat on how many users on PS5 created a new PSN ID (or more rarely signed into one that had been active on PS3 but that was never active on PS4, which is probably a vanishingly small category of people). If that's the case, I'm sure this overestimates new users. While it's unthinkable to the hardcore on here, my more casual friends frequently create new PSN IDs because they "forgot" their old login. Since they only buy physical games anyway, they don't really lose a library of games so they don't care.

darthv72497d ago

My son did this when he got his 5. He said he wanted to make something new for new friends to play with while he also still plays on his 4 with his existing friends. I told him he would basically be starting over with his trophy count but he didnt care.

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Bathyj497d ago

Would anyone else buy a parapper the rapper spin-off called Hiroki Totoki?

jznrpg497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

Bring back Sony jrpgs that’s all that I want that is missing . Of course we get great Japanese support but I’d love to see a couple Sony jrpgs .

Good job Sony

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IGN Instructed & Offered Prizes for Crowd to Cheer During Phil Spencer and Other Live Interviews

During the IGN Live interview with Phil Spencer, the crowd cheered even if the topic was about closures, and its because they were told to.

GaboonViper14h ago

A very "slimey" thing to do right Phil???

Anyhow ive never trusted IGN, corrupt to the core.

Killer2020UK13h ago

And now they own a load of other gaming outlets. Sucks for the consumer

roadkillers13h ago

It's not scummy... how is this any different than any late night talk show for the past 60 years. People are cued when to cheer, partially artificial I am sure. It's also good for IGN, last thing they want is THEIR show to be a dud.

I would definitely do it if I owned IGN, especially getting someone huge like Phil.

S2Killinit13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

I’ve been saying for years that IGN is MS’s mouthpiece.

fr0sty12h ago

@roadkillers... I dunno, maybe because late night talk shows aren't asking people to cheer for hundreds of people losing their jobs?

ravens5211h ago

Late Night Talk Show vs Consumer Showcase/Interview. How are you even putting them in the same category. One is for pure entertainment the other is an interview based on a product.


And how much is MS worth? 3 trllion and Phil the piece of shit saying "the closures are very hard, but needed for sustainable business" Really? Your worth 3 trillion and the closures were no where near necessary. I don't know about you but I want this asshole to just leave and resign. He's just cancer to the industry.

jjb19814h ago

Roadkillers can't wait to have huge Phil. It makes sense.