Loot Ninja Demo Impression - LOTR: Conquest

Loot Ninja writes:

"LOTR + Star Wars Battlefront = awesomeness. Right? On paper it should be the greatest thing to hit the streets since the McRib sandwich. On the PS3, which is the only place you can find this demo at the moment, it is truly a mixed bag."

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Mc1874210d ago

I don't like Mcrib's at all.
But the demo was alot more fun than I thought it would be

Andronicus4210d ago

interesting to see no mention of the near ps2 quality graphics

taz80804210d ago

I am willing to sacrifice graphics for good gameplay and a fun game. I am a bit tired of pretty games that play like poop and you can finish in a few hours.

ThatCanadianGuy4210d ago

Graphics aside.I'm seriously loving this demo.I've been playing it religiously for the past three days.Even tho there's only two maps and four different classes.I can't get enough of it !

Hopefully they fixed a few of the bugs and glitch's but either way it's a day one buy for me.

rdgneoz34210d ago

They need to balance out the classes a bit in multiplayer. I keep getting opponents with 2 ents/trolls constantly. And when 4 guys are pounding on one of them and it just heals itself to full life when it gets and charges after you, its not the funnest thing. If they can balance the classes and get the graphics a bit better, it'll be a fun game. Else, its a fun demo to keep around.

Cheeky Gamer4207d ago

The demo is awesome. And with regards to the graphics, are you kidding? The graphics take a serious downgrade when playing online - that's to be expected - but did you even bother playing the singleplayer? The graphics are very pretty... nay, even stunning.

This is a day one purchase for me. I've been playing the demo constantly for 3 days now.