Konami Announces Financial Results With Significant Profit Drop Partly Due to Dev Cost for New Games

Konami announced its financial results for the first nine months of the fiscal year, related to the period between April 2022 and December 2022.

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Nyxus49d ago

Looking forward to Silent Hill. Now, bring back Metal Gear as well.

chrisx48d ago

Metal gear solid 1 2 and 3 needs to be remade in the gameplay quality of MGS 5. Till today that game is a visual and gameplay masterpiece, just a shame it was incomplete.

CrimsonWing6948d ago

The drop is due to development costs and no games released to make up for costs.

MrSwankSinatra48d ago

Sony needs to just swipe this company up already. They’re always gonna run into financial problems due to the cost of games. They’re not built to be in the AAA space no more.

lodossrage48d ago

That's Konami's own fault though

They basically ran off Igarashi and Kojima. Then literally started licensing their IP to unknown or average studios so they didn't have to pay top talent.

At one time, they were on par with Square, Capcom, and Namco. But their own negligent ways killed that.

Angyobangyo48d ago

The talent in the company that made iconic titles like MGS, Castlevania, Suikoden and Silent Hill are no longer there. At that point they’d be buying the IPs. Sony usually buys studios with talent already at the helm. It’s not so easy to say for Sony to just swipe them up, as Konami as a business is more than just video games. Their video games division is just one part that forms Konami,

Rebel_Scum48d ago

Great news. Would love to see this wretched company come back with some good new games.

CrimsonWing6948d ago

Wretched sounds a bit harsh.

Rebel_Scum48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I didn't want to be too complementary of them given their recent history and the fact they make pokie machines.

TheColbertinator48d ago

They ruined PES, Metal Gear, Suikoden, Silent hill, Castlevania and plenty other great games yet still expect to make gamers return.

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