PS5 Has Shipped 32.1 Million Units as of December 2022; 7.1 Million Shipped in the Holiday Quarter

Sony announced its financial results for the third quarter of the fiscal year 2022 between October and December 2022, alongside a PS5 shipments update.

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Justo90949d ago

Fucking 12M gap, ohh lordy this gen is a wrap XD

Profchaos49d ago

Seriously that's a legitimate question I don't know what the Xbox is at

Bathyj49d ago

I'm assuming they're behind

The Wood49d ago

One company is relying on games to push their product whist the other is relying on s service to push theirs. I'm absolutely sure you can work out which company is which and subsequently which company is ahead due to your 1st answer

Aloymetal49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It was a wrap even before started. The 2 brands are in different levels regardless of delusions and what some minority think. The PS brand is a force to be reckoned with around the planet not just in 1 region.
The gap was/is only ''minor'' because the PS5 was handicapped by the chip issue unlike the series S.
Buckle up and watch the rest of the show, this is just the beginning.

darthv7249d ago

2m of that gap is in the US and another 2m is in JP. Not sure if XB can recover any of the 8m in EU but that is where things are strongest for PS.

wiz719148d ago

Sold and shipped are two different things ..

darthv7248d ago

That depends on where you want to apply the logic. Shipped is = to sold... to retailers. When a retailer sells that unit to a consumer then it is referred to as a sell through or sold to customer. Some retailers have units that have yet to be sold to consumers. The numbers Sony is stating are shipped to retail and their own estimates for the same time has the sell through (to customers) at above 30m.

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shadowT49d ago

7.1 Mio PS5 shipped, compared to 3.3 Mio and 2.4 the quarters before. What a massive increase!

FinalFantasyFanatic49d ago

I guess they really were able to increase production and pump out that hardware, I always suspected PS5s would sell more, if more was available.

darkrider49d ago

Because of the supply getting better. It's so easy to see, except for one person that was always saying there were no problems.... Even if Sony in December was saying that only on 2023 it would be normal again...

TriniOutsider49d ago

Sony better not let this get to their heads. When things like this are mentioned. It goes to their heads fast and can legit lead to mistakes.

49d ago
Bathyj49d ago

Yeah they've been terrible the last 28 years /s

Profchaos48d ago

The PS3 launch, PSN hack and abandoning vita was probably the only black spot on their record over 28 years it's not bad

wiz719148d ago

@Profchaos bro I’m starting to thinking most of PlayStation only fans have to be under 18 .. since the inception of Sony they made countless dumb mistakes , anti consumer practices to cash a quick buck , closed studios , and many countless nonsense lol .. they literally make players have to rebuy legacy games even if you already own the disc.

Bathyj48d ago

Wiz I was 21 when PlayStation 1 came out had been gaining since the 70s. You might not remember but the gaming industry wasn't this multibillion-dollar thing back then. It was primarily for kids and childish 21 year olds.

Whatever perceived mistakes you think Sony has made through that whole time they have released the highest quality games and that was you have been of slack.

None of them mistakes are as bad as abandoning their first console after 4 years, having the highest failure rate any console or consumer electronic device, basically no showing a whole generation , and then trying to shift the industry to a business model that only they can compete in. Trying to lead from behind.

Is Sony perfect? No. They are just by far the best option.

shinoff218348d ago

I started in 88 or so and since ps1 in the 90s it's been great

Christopher48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

*** they literally make players have to rebuy legacy games even if you already own the disc.***

I don't recall Sony Gestapo forcing me to buy remaster games. Did I miss out on something?


But, yeah, Sony has a history of mistakes. They're going to make more. The problem why Sony is doing so well now isn't because Sony is doing great, it's because the competition is so focused on turning the industry into a rental service that it isn't focused on competing with Sony on games and quality. Instead, it wants control of IPs (a very common thing Microsoft does, buy out people not for the company but the IPs they own) and gets people to go where they want them to go, which is GamePass.

Perhaps if Microsoft were spending more time on quality products and game releases Sony wouldn't be doing as well as they are.

If ActiBlizz goes through, though, we will enter a new era of gaming and gamers will lose out on competition as more and more of the industry will just be centralized under a few companies. ActiBlizz will set the precedent for the industry moving forward.

wiz719148d ago

@Bathyj see that’s the thing I don’t care about how many good games you release still doesn’t excuse bad customer service. You think customer service is just releasing good games but it’s not lol .. Say what you want about Microsoft’s exclusive output their customer service is great. It’s was abandoned so soon because it was released 4 years ahead of the 360 and 5 for the PS3 , how much longer could you support a vastly underpowered machine especially at that time ?? Lol be forreal .. the PS2 only survived for so long was because of the library and very poor countries getting them late as hell and people using them for home brew lol .. and then not showing up is based on your opinion , they released games but just because they were all received well they suddenly disappeared lol crazy things is they shadowed released a few greats games that are just hidden gems. Grounded being one of them great games that doesn’t get the praise it deserves. They didn’t shift the business model to anything that wasn’t happening before they even got into the industry , don’t be mad at them they just know how to adapt unlike Sony. And let’s be forreal what business model is Microsoft is trying to implement ? Giving their customers options to get into their ecosystem ?? Giving people a way to enjoy gaming without the worry of not being able to afford it ?? I can play hundred of games for $15 how is that bad for the customer ??

Christopher48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

***I can play hundred of games for $15 how is that bad for the customer ?? ***

Yeah, look how good streaming turned out as a replacement for cable. What could ever go wrong with not owning our games and multiple services for our games? Who doesn't like freaking with licensing deals more limited than third party exclusives we deal with now?

Bathyj48d ago

"see that’s the thing I don’t care about how many good games you release"

Wow. Sorry I didn't read your wall of text. I stopped right there.

That's the most important thing.

FinalFantasyFanatic48d ago (Edited 48d ago )


As someone who is in his mid 30's, you're greatly exaggerating, I'm greatly surprised at how few mistakes the Playstation brand has made over it's life span compared to the other two. Their biggest missteps was mostly the early PS3 generation where it took them half that gen to find their feet again. And even that gen wasn't that bad overall, especially when you look at all the consoles in that gen, your wall of text is one really bad hot take.

I'd take any console of PS, or any of Nintendo's consoles over the entirety of XBox's history, seriously (I couldn't think of a poorer performer, and I don't think their customer service, nor their "pro-consumer" is noticeable better than the others).

The Wood46d ago

Yeah. Countless dumb mistakes by creating and providing more games than the brand you're clearly in favour of. Been gaming for over 30 years. I know a more consistent brand when I see one

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Aloymetal49d ago

2 things... PS2 & PS4...That's all;)

Shane Kim49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

That happened once as Krazy Ken Kutaragi became arrogant and dumped his mistakes on Kaz. And even then Kaz managed to turn things around in the end.

Profchaos48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I think that's an important point leadership has aligned with ups and downs and we see new leadership have different priorities and that results in what Sony focuses on be it backwards compatibility or first party games.

People think Sony has had one leader the whole time but it's pretty fluid

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