Wild Hearts Will Have Offline Play, No Microtransactions, Performance & Quality Mode Revealed & More

EA revealed that Wild Hearts will feature offline play, won't have microtransactions, Quality & Performance modes revealed and loads of info.

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Christopher47d ago

Sounds great! Are we sure this is an EA game?

GoodGuy0947d ago

This is EA Originals, basically a project that helps out small companies (I guess koei tecmo included). A way out and it takes two were included in this project. The great thing is, EA has hardly any hand in any development. Only the EA brand is on there.

coolbeans47d ago

EA's 1st Party (usually) = -_-

EA Originals = ^-^

neutralgamer199246d ago

Look at redfall and look at this

GoodGuy0947d ago

Yesssssss. I hope they just do it like monster hunter, release free post content, do events, and release a single paid large expansion. Capcom demonstrates how post content should be done and I hope many others follow suit.

BrainSyphoned47d ago

When EA is taking shots at MS and Redfall...

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