M.I.A. Games From This Generation

The entertainment industry is a real tough nut to crack, this is the place where billions of ideas flow every second and only a minor fragment of these ideas actually transform into an object of materiality. The videogame industry works around the same principles, numerous concepts get announced, rumors arise but only a handful are actually materialize into the hands of producers. We present a list of high adrenaline games that created a flutter once upon a time, but their fates were left hanging in the balance. Will 2009 change their fortunes, or will they officially be K.I.A. is a question time will answer.

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Cajun Chicken4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

Where is my Serious Sam 3?!?!

BTW Keep an eye out on Croteam's millitary shooter in development, could be a suprise hit.

Hiruma Youchi4208d ago

WET aint alusive. They've showed footage of the game on tv 2weeks ago on on the Musiqueplus Channel.

822119864208d ago

does not have a publisher

Parappa The Rappa4208d ago

on defending that game at all cost, huh pal?
lol. i like your dedication.

beavis4play4208d ago

that's a good list. but who honestly thinks there will be a "duke nukem forever" game to hit retail shelves?

Socomer 19794208d ago

seriously, are the media safe from the worst of 2008 list?

Somebody call up thier blogger friend & remind the public exactly who fcked up the most in 2008.
who put thier foots in thier mouth & who ate crow. The boldest lies. The outright bias. The writers who flip flop
on the facts. The worst personalities. The most retarded statements.

I would tottaly enjoy that instead of non-stop list from every single crap website.
Where's n4g when you need em?
Make some awards.
Who is the number 1 worst gaming site besides this one in all of 2008?
get er done.

dubbalubagis4208d ago

"Who is the number 1 worst gaming site besides this one in all of 2008?"


In all seriousness there have been lists for "most disappointing game". Isn't that good enough? How about some Gears bashing?

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