PS5 Creators: How Forspoken harnesses PS5’s power

Luminous Productions developer explains how Forspoken’s combat, visual effects, and fast travel are made possible by PS5.

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It’s great to hear that the ps5 is so easy to dev for, but then shouldn’t this game have looked better after 6-7 years in production? That’s among the longer dev times I’ve seen….

Jin_Sakai53d ago

Horizon: Frobidden West puts this game to shame graphically. I’d never use this game as a showpiece for PS5 hardware.

Eidolon53d ago

Is this demo for Forsaken pretty close to the release version, graphically? I am actually curious to compare and check out the gameplay, think it will be a while before I rent it. H:FW/GoW:R were developed with PS4 in mind, and I do believe devs have said something along the lines that GoW:R at its base, is a PS4 game, and I feel it could be the same for H:FW.

andy8553d ago

Demo isn't close for me. There's some really beautiful areas in the game. I wish I could share my screenshots here to be honest. Obviously it's not at the level of Ragnarok or Forbidden West. But what is?

MrNinosan53d ago

Nope, the demo ain't giving the game justice at all.
Forspoken is great looking, but Forbidden West still looks better.

_SilverHawk_53d ago

Forspoken is amazing and hopefully a lot of people get to try this game and not miss out an amazing experience

Lexreborn253d ago

I disagree simply on what the games are trying to achieve. If horizon had even a fraction of the traversal mechanics Forspoken has. And considering the rate it loads on ps5 and PC is insane to horizons it is a proper showcase to next gen game settings.

The fact on PC digital foundry suggested a 3080 and up plus a proper NVmE to take full advantage is a showcase to how much this new tech transforms a game. Crysis used to be this gold standard of “can it run it” as a huge CPU hog. And now Forspoken is the can your PC run it properly based on your GPU, SSD and processor.

All I have to say is this A. If you haven’t played the final result of this game or any game. Stop commenting on it, you don’t have a card to play in the game.
B. If you are still hating on this game for dialogue again. Stop talking you made your stance, you aren’t playing it so you are literally going off of 1. False insight 2.someone else’s opinion 3.a demo that truly does not represent the final product.

The only gripe I have towards Forspoken is the game has an asset rendering leak somewhere. A patch will easily address that issue and didn’t stop me from putting 50+ hours into it to be the first steam game I’m going to get a 100% of achievements on.

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andy8553d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I don't care what the reviews say I'm really liking it. It's the best traversal I've experienced in an open world game, so fluid. The magic is great fun to use. And the graphics really arent bad at all. Love the humour betwern Frey and Cuff too. The demo and compressed videos online do it no justice. Negatives I'd say perhaps world design it's a little samey, dungeons seem to be too similar. But also I haven't seen the Full map yet as I'm only 25 hours in. I feel like this will be another like Days Gone that people only appreciate later on when it's on PS Plus. Nowhere near a 66 rating for me. Solid 8/8.5.

Elda53d ago

I agree. I just started the 12th chapter. The game looks great. I'm enjoying the gameplay & the story. I give the game a 8.5 as well.

Lexreborn253d ago

I would give is a solid 8.5 as well, the game is super good I’ve actually cleared the entire map and just great level design at times. Some times it was generic but I didn’t have this high expectation for a first entry title. The future of this franchise can be truly something special.

And Freys ending character result payed off for me in the end.

antikbaka53d ago

I'm glad that you are found your niche and satisfied with being a low quality-consumer

Crows9053d ago

Better than being a low quality individual ^

andy8552d ago

I've just come off Platinuming Ragnarok so that would be a no. Imagine someone enjoying something different to you 🙃🤣

Orchard53d ago

Oof, is it April 1st? How does a blog post like this pass PR review given what we know?

It hits 720p. On a PS5.

andy8553d ago

It's 1440 with some minor drops to 720 in full performance mode. I'm playing in quality mode. It tops out at 4K and with 120hz mode on you get the higher frame rates like Ratchet and Clank and Ragnarok. It's really nice to look at and plays well.

Orchard53d ago

Yep, but I don't expect games on my PS5 to dip to 720p, especially something that visually looks like Forspoken does. Games like GoW, HFW and Ratchet which you so rightfully mentioned, look 10x better than Forspoken and still perform better.

Luminous did a terrible job optimizing this game.

andy8553d ago

It's visually not even bad either Orchard. Compressed videos aren't doing it any justice. The magic effects are awesome. I won't say it couldn't be better but it certainly could be worse

2080super53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Not exactly, performance mode has an aggressive dynamic resolution scaling enabled which ranges from 1440p to 720p. This mode also runs at lower than 1080p for the most part of the gameplay but then upscales this to 1440p through AMD FSR 2.0. The Quality mode runs at a dynamic resolution of 4K to 1080p. "twistedvoxel"

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Traecy53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

In quality mode the game is in 4k & looks stunning on the PS5.

2080super53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Not exactly, The Quality mode runs at a dynamic resolution of 4K to 1080p. AMD FSR 2.0 is used here as well to achieve the target 4K resolution while the game runs at 30 FPS. In the ray tracing quality mode, the game drops the resolution between 1620p to 828p. "twistedvoxel"

andy8553d ago

Doesn't paint the full picture. My quality mode isn't running at 30 fps.

Binarycode53d ago

How can anyone disagree with Orchid.

The graphics are bland, they are using a terrible ambient occlusion that looks awful, it looks like many of the models have no texture. it's overbright. There's tons wrong with it. resolution is terrible as well. The engine isn't very good tbh.

Horizon Forbidden west, heck even the first game looks
God of war + Ragnarock

I'd say the only thing going for it are fast travel speed and particles.

jwillj2k453d ago

“ they are using a terrible ambient occlusion that looks awful”

Feels good to regurgitate DF doesn’t it? By all means don’t let me stop you continue on jr.

IanTH53d ago

Not sure I get this. I mean, the AO in this game really is quite poor. We have plenty of examples of it done right, it doesn't require DF to tell you what your eyes can see, and them having said it doesn't invalidate the fact.

If you enjoy the way the game looks, no shame there. Enjoy it! But that doesn't change the fact that the game has some visual issues. Both can be true.

Binarycode52d ago

You are correct as I knew it did not look correct, but I have watched it and they know exactly what Ambient occlusion method is being used because they can just reach out to certain devs. As far as I know it's an AMD version.

Another problem with games is FSR or the xess version of upsampling. It isn't as good as DLSS and I doubt it will be until there's other ways of doing so. If upsamping is so important as it seems to be now. Then better hardware needs to be made to help the GPU offload.

But there's nothing wrong with learning from others.

The game looks as bland asf, the cutscenes look awful and the amount of swearing in the game is just pointless. I've seen enough reviews to see this game is rushed.

nommers53d ago

For starters you're using some of the least important weighted criteria to judge a game.

Limitedtimestruggle53d ago

Well the game still blows, so theres that.

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