After a decade of dreaming, Remedy is finally ready to write Alan Wake 2 into reality

Big in 2023: With the Remedy Connected Universe established, the studio is finally ready to drag Alan Wake out of the darkness and push him back out into the world

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MIDGETonSTILTS17532d ago

Good, Control was really cool and unique, not to mention addictively fun.

I hope they do something cool with today’s hardware like the time machine in QB.

CrimsonWing69532d ago

Can’t wait! I absolutely loved the original… though it’s a little clunky coming back to it in the Remaster. Still an awesome narrative and atmosphere!

Orchard532d ago

This and the MP remakes are games I really can't wait for the most. Hopefully they are 2023 and 2024 respectively.

shinoff2183532d ago

Max Payne I assume, if so yea those were some dope ass games to.

Orchard532d ago

Yep Max Payne. All 3 are going to be great games I'm sure.

hotnickles532d ago

Let’s go. I didn’t play Alan wake until after control but it was fantastic, I had a blast.

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Fallout London: 'If it's an awful launch we'll probably all just go to sleep'

Fallout London project lead Dean Carter talks to GameCentral ahead of the mod's release, about what to expect, the drama with Bethesda, and why the fan project has to succeed.

XiNatsuDragnel15h ago

Take your time all take your time

porkChop10h ago

"What we want is to speak to a decision-maker, because if we could make it a standalone thing with their [Bethesda’s] permission, that means that people on gaming consoles could use it, which they currently can’t."

Unlikely. To be standalone it would have to be published on the PS/XB stores. The FOLON devs don't have a publishing license on either store. I don't see how they would actually expect Bethesda to go out of their way to not only publish the standalone mod for them, which isn't free, but also grant them a license to legally use and market the Fallout name.

Every time I see an interview from these modders they sound more and more entitled. Like when they were pissed off that Bethesda didn't tell them when the next gen update was releasing. Saying they were a big, popular mod and should have gotten a phone call. Sorry bud, you're talented and your mod looks great, but you're not some rockstar dev that deserves special treatment.

MeteorPanda2h ago

Id say theyre more focused and dedicated than a triple a dev team

You do this level of work for free


Interviewing Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney and Author Neal Stephenson

Tim and Neal’s thoughts on the definition of the “Metaverse,” its technological and economic growth, Neal’s reaction on the day Facebook changed its name to Meta, the future of Fortnite , their thoughts on Apple’s Vision Pro, blockchains, and the ethics of Generative AI, plus “Snow Crash 2," and more.

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