After a decade of dreaming, Remedy is finally ready to write Alan Wake 2 into reality

Big in 2023: With the Remedy Connected Universe established, the studio is finally ready to drag Alan Wake out of the darkness and push him back out into the world

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Good, Control was really cool and unique, not to mention addictively fun.

I hope they do something cool with today’s hardware like the time machine in QB.

CrimsonWing6953d ago

Can’t wait! I absolutely loved the original… though it’s a little clunky coming back to it in the Remaster. Still an awesome narrative and atmosphere!

Orchard53d ago

This and the MP remakes are games I really can't wait for the most. Hopefully they are 2023 and 2024 respectively.

shinoff218353d ago

Max Payne I assume, if so yea those were some dope ass games to.

Orchard53d ago

Yep Max Payne. All 3 are going to be great games I'm sure.

hotnickles53d ago

Let’s go. I didn’t play Alan wake until after control but it was fantastic, I had a blast.

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