Rumor Killers: Left 4 Dead DLC, more PixelJunk, and a new retro Mega Man

Left 4 Dead gets new content, more PixelJunk for your trunk and the possibility of another Mega Man WiiWare game as we start breaking our resolutions early this year.

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cain1414213d ago

Please give us Left 4 Dead DLC

ry-guy4212d ago

Yes but how is ANY Left 4 Dead DLC rumored when they've said from DAY 1 that there was going to be DLC for the 360. Even their quote doesn't even imply something of a rumor.

I don't understand these "rumor killers". They never "kill" them "confirm" them.

SirLarr4213d ago

I could play Mega Man until I die.

Unicron4213d ago

Mega Man X9... SNES or PS1 era sprites. Pretty please?

Mega Man X and Mega Man X4 are still 2 of the best Mega Man games!

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The story is too old to be commented.