PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S Sales Comparison in the US - December 2022

December 2022 is the 26th month the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S has been available for. In the latest month, the gap grew in favor of the PlayStation 5 when compared to the aligned launch of the Xbox Series X|S by 0.41 million units.

In the last 12 months, the PlayStation 5 has outsold Xbox Series X|S by 1.19 million units. The PlayStation 5 is currently ahead by 2.26 million units.

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headshotfrosty117d ago

Expected a much bigger gap honestly.

Vengeance1138117d ago

The overall gap however being at 10M

Aloymetal117d ago

And 20mil gap by next year, PS5 is readily available now so no more handicap and by the time Wolverine releases, things will get even more ''interesting'' ; if you know what I mean;)

jznrpg117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Hyped for Wolverine . Not a big comic book guy but I loved Wolverine in the 80’s .

Aussieguy116d ago

Well tbh (as a series x owner) there is a big lack of games from them. I used to own Gamepass and it was ok, but no longer have it and they seem to be only focusing on Gamepass. They need to put their heads down and start releasing some big first party games.

MegaLogic116d ago

MS is cutting that huge lead into almost nothing, Globally Sony is still far Ahead but MS has somehow managed to make some serious inroad on SOny without a single Well almost.

Goosejuice116d ago

I'm confused at what ur looking at? The gap has been growing in every territory. It's 2.16 mil lead just here in the US and like over 10 mil for rest of the world.