Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Gaming Industry

People make and operate machines. Really smart people put a lot of time energy and creative work into the output. If it looks like art and sounds like art and feels like art it probably took a lot more human innovation than one might see on the surface.

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Vectro504d ago

AI is the future. Either the gaming industry embraces it or it'll be left behind. I think AI can be used to help assist in game development not take it over.

CrimsonWing69502d ago

I believe so. Especially with people whining about Crunch, but you'll still need people to program AI and create assets for AI to pull from in order to create things.


Ghost of Tsushima Artists Share a Ton of Behind-the-Scenes Concept Art

Designers and artists from Sucker Punch pulled together an impressive concept art gallery and work that went into making Ghost of Tsushima.

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1405d ago
nowitzki20041405d ago (Edited 1405d ago )

Looking at ur comment history, its no surprise a PlayStation game had an "eh" story for you.

Edit: and that was a quick look too lol

mandingo1404d ago

I liked god of war. It’s my game of the gen. I liked HZD. I liked uncharted. I like TLOU1. Sorry you can’t accept that your prized game wasn’t very good. So salty.


The Man Behind the Monster Hunter World Wyvern Ignition Greatsword: Frank Yang

It was recently announced by Capcom when players can get their hands on the winning weapon of a community weapon design contest prior to Monster Hunter World's release. We interview the artist, Frank Yang.

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Amazing game character artist shows the magic behind video games design

Video games programming world be nothing without great animators or artists and today's viral news is about the amazing works of Russian game artist Artem Artificial gamers!

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