5 Video Games That Should Have Been Shorter, and 5 That Should Have Been Longer

GB: "Nailing an experience's length is easier said and done, and one way or another, these games left a little to be desired on that front."

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Petebloodyonion394d ago

I always have a problem with games that should have been longer when lasting 8-10 hours.
Here's a question I ask all the time when ppl say that.
How many times have you replayed the story of a great game like Tlou2, GOW, Final Fantasy remake, GTA, Zelda, or any other 20 hours plus game? and usually, the answer varies between 0 and rarely 1.

So what's the point of having great 30 hours plus games if you will never replay them because of level, section, grinding dragging too long?

Lifexline394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

I agree I’m not sure how people find the time to play all these games. 20 plus hour games are great but for me 8 to 10 is the sweet spot. Those games take to long to finish specially when you have a backlog of games waiting to be played. Plus 20 plus hour games always have downtime and unnecessary side quests that can be boring too much fodder imo.

Being on your phone is one thing you can access websites like this everywhere on your phone or mobile gaming. But games you have to find the time to play them. Which is why I don’t understand why so many people want like ten games it seems In a month.

LucasRuinedChildhood394d ago (Edited 394d ago )

I think you're missing the point a bit.

A game can be 8-10 hours long and use that time really well, but it can also only start to get good far into the playthrough and leave the player feeling short-changed.

Hotline Miami is only 4-5 hours long but it's extremely well paced and time well spent. But if only got really good towards the end, I'd want it to be longer.

Stanjara394d ago

You just look at trophies and se that around 20% or less actually finish their games.

CrimsonWing69394d ago

I've replayed all those games except GTA and Breath of Wild because I can never finish them.

The Last of Us 2 i've replayed 4 times. God of War (2018) 2 times, Final Fantasy Remake 3 time (technically Intergrade twice since went on Steam and I wanted 100% achievements), and if we do want to bring in Zelda I've played Ocarina of Time probably 4 to 6 times a few times on N64, another time on 3DS, and twice on virtual console Wii and Wii U.

I am sure I'm not alone in replaying long games and honestly it's like I'm finished within a week or two and that with balancing responsibilities and a social life. Shorter games take even less time.

BrainSyphoned394d ago

Without mentioning Skyrim.. I've got two platinum trophies for Persona 5 and am playing it on game pass right now. Beat FF7R on normal twice and hard once and will play it again before the next one. Non story games- MHW I've made characters on PC/Xbox/PS with at least 600 hours on each platform. I don't care to play a mediocre games that are 8 hours long. The reason my backlog is so long isn't because that many good games are released each year it is because I replay the best ones over and over. Same deal with audio books. I've gone through book series multiple times every time a new one is coming out.

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Soy394d ago

Disagree with Days Gone - yeah it took a while to really get going, but I appreciated it when I was done. Jumping right in at 4-5 hrs or whatever would've made the rest feel less impactful. RDR2 and Mankind Divided felt just right too, I wouldn't change them at all.

What needed less time was AC Valhalla. I was more than ready to be done with that by the time it was 2/3 over. Just too much useless stuff, and I hated the Asgard sections.


Resident Evil 3 Remake is one of the best RE games, actually

Resident Evil 3 Remake is one of the most debated games in Capcom’s survival horror series, but it’s just as good as the remake of Resident Evil and 2019’s RE2.

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CrimsonWing69162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

It’s a good game, but a terrible Remake.

I would choose the original over this Remake any day of the week. More areas, more enemies, more bosses, choice options, better unlockables, and I could go on and on.

If you go into this Remake as it’s own game and not compare it to what it’s, uh, Remaking, then yea it’s a solid game.

But I do not consider the Remake portion of this game to be “good,” like at all.

seanpitt23161d ago

The remake was inferior to RE2R in everyway capcom even said the B team made it the physics was so dumbed down it was such a big disappointment the A team that made RE2 was busy making RE4R

Walalon161d ago

And the whole idea of Nemesis "looking for you" was ripped off entirely making this Remake more than a knock off lol

solideagle161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Didn't Capcom themselves
say the same thing that they will improve Quality and make Remake Lengthy or something along the same lines because RE3R was not received as good as RE2R critically

-Foxtrot161d ago

Not only that they literally snatched the RE4 off them and restarted development within the main team. That’s how bad the fallout was.

They tried to be cheap and it blew up in their face

It makes me super sad to think of how amazing RE3 could have been

We could have had hubs within the city to explore, to fully experience the Raccoon City downfall in all its glory…but they rushed it.

SyntheticForm161d ago

That boss fight on Inferno. Absolutely no.

GoodGuy09162d ago

Sure it was scripted quite a bit but I enjoyed it. Really good replayability as well.

Dandizzle161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

When I look back at re2 re4 and re4 remakes to which I beat all of them at launch. Re3 is the one I recall having more fun more of the time. Re2 and re4 get over stressful on harder difficulties.

Re4 remake was also great, but I liked re3 remake better

NovusTerminus162d ago

I can't comment on the "remake" aspect as I never played 3, didn't like tank controls even back then.

But as far as the remake goes as a game, I've got like 40 hours in it and played it far more then the 2 remake. I absolutely enjoyed the combat engine and dodge mechanic.

nommers161d ago

I gotta agree with the replay value of the game. Despite the cut areas it still feels like you’re going through more areas than RE2 remake. That and the Nemesis isn’t as annoying as the Tyrant.

BlackTar187161d ago

lol you can beat the game in under 3 hours on your first thorough and under 45 mins on your second without even trying to rush. The game has less content then some demos.

nommers161d ago


Don’t exaggerate so hard. You’ll live longer.

BlackTar187161d ago

If you look up playtime you can see most people beat it between 3-5 hours on the first playthrough and the trophy for sprinter which is beat the game in under 2 hours is a high percentage trophy compared to any other speed run trophies. So no I won’t change what I said. I’d wager with the infinite rpg you could get that even lower then 45 mins. My actual save says 57 mins

nommers161d ago


You can beat a lot of games in under 3 hours as a speed runner. Who cares.

Average time play through says about 6 hours, but for full completion it says 20 1/2 hours. First time through for me I took my time and took about 8 hours. Then again I’m not trying to race through the game. That’s about the same time for RE2 remake for a first time through, which even with multiple paths doesn’t have much extra content outside any given run.

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