Raiden IV x MIKADO remix is a proper SHMUP blast from the past

Neil writes: "If you're looking for a real blast from the past then Raiden IV x MIKADO remix on Xbox, PlayStation and PC should be the SHMUP you need."

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Knushwood Butt52d ago

'Old-school Vibes: Vertical screen play allows players to recreate the original arcade experience!'.

You mean, as opposed to playing Raiden as a horizontally scrolling shmup?

autobotdan52d ago

In going to have to purchase this when I get off work. I own all the Raiden games on xbox 360 & xbox one so I will add this to my xbox collection

hiawa2352d ago

Mine just came in from Gamefly

Knushwood Butt52d ago

Nice. I can get a fairly respectable score on Raiden IV.

I might get this on physical. Only have the standard version on digital.