New "Metallic Gray" And "Metallic Red" Color Listings Appear For The DualSense

More color options have appeared for the DualSense when requesting a repair on PS Repairs, namely Metallic Red and Metallic Gray.

isarai232d ago

Wish we would get more transparent options.

S2Killinit231d ago

Metallic red has my attention. Like a hot rod red?


Steam'll let you know if a game supports DualSense or DualShock from October

Valve's never-ending tinkering with Steam will soon see support for PlayStation's DualSense and DualShock controllers bought to the fore, their compatibility set to be clearly listed on store and library pages starting this October.

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Dandizzle14d ago

nice, dual sense when it is fully supported is my favorite controller experience

1nsomniac14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Do you still need it wired on PC to get full functionality?

Haven’t tried it since it debuted in Metro.

shinoff218314d ago

When I was playing atom rpg on steam I just used my ps4 controller through blu tooth and it work pretty good.


The DualSense Gets Treated To A Decent Discount Across The UK

The PlayStation 5's primary controller DualSense has been discounted to £39.99 on multiple retail platforms across the UK.

badz14949d ago

dayum...Sony is playing it really aggressively right now.

phoenixwing49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

if there really is a ps5 pro i'll end up buying it. i'm kind of hoping it's not real because we aren't even fully out of the ps4 gen with these consoles so far.

EDIT: to explain further why i'd end up buying it. There's going to be games that will immediately relegate the original ps5 to 30fps if there's a pro version and that will be the defacto one with a 60fps option.


DualSense Edge review - the best controller ever made

It’s not cheap but it does make the best controller of the current generation even better.

Jin_Sakai240d ago

Now that’s some high praise. I’d say it’s definitely better than the Xbox Elite controller. That thing is has horrible build quality.

SullysCigar240d ago

Yeah, people are loving this thing.

I'm thinking PC gamers will be all over this if there's an official patch or some clever folks can work it out. It sounds lovely.

Jin_Sakai240d ago

Agreed. I purchased a new Elite Series 2 controller a while back and within the first week the right bumper started squeaking and the A button would randomly stop registering. Ridiculous for a premium controller. Ended up returning it.

Sonic1881240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

As a PC gamer first, I would only use it if it was wireless for PC. I think it has to be wired to use it on a PC

crazyCoconuts240d ago

@sonic, if I assume an edge connects the same way as a regular DualSense, you can connect via Bluetooth wirelessly. But if you have PC games that support the cool DualSense features, they don't seem to work unless you hard wire. Also some games need a utility like DS4windows to recognize the controller. All that and you still won't have a native PC utility to change configs like the Elite has. Unless PS does more to support PC gamers, I wouldn't think it would be worth it. If you like the PS layout, a DS4 with back paddle attachment and DS4windows isn't a bad setup

Mr Logic240d ago


Steam natively supports DS4 and Dualsense along with configs. No need for DS4W.

Orchard240d ago

@MrLogic That is only for games that implement SteamInput. A lot of PC games use DirectInput/XInput, especially if they are releasing on other stores - SteamInput doesn't work outside of Steam.

IanTH239d ago


I'd also like to toss another option out there, if one doesn't mind paying, called reWASD. The basic version of it costs $7, but the amount of customization in that thing is incredible. I'd been aware of it for a while, but finally took the plunge recently and am loving it.

Dang thing is so flexible I've even been able to set up a wireless PS3 Nav Controller & mouse combo for analog movement & mouse precision for FPS games! If you have controllers Steam doesn't natively support, or you want even MORE control, I'd suggest anyone vaguely interested at least download the trial :-)

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FingerAction239d ago

this controller looks pretty legit.

SullysCigar240d ago

I'm going to need it to cost a little less, but I'm definitely getting one at some stage.

northpaws240d ago

The only problem is the regular DualSense is already so good, this is not giving me enough extra to justify the price.

crazyCoconuts240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

If I played more multiplayer on my ps5 I'd get it for the back paddles. I think they make a difference because you don't have to move your thumb off the stick.

IanTH239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

The amount of customization with profiles & such also seems so great that, even though I also primarily play single player games, I'd also be interested in upgrading if it were at least in $150 range or under. At $200, though, it is a bit of a tough sell personally. Hopefully we get some decent sales not too far down the line.

blackblades239d ago

Yeah to an extent, i think had got a wonky one. Mines since the beginning was super sensitive to the left and now I have stick drift.

Elda240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

Not for that price. For that price, I can buy several games. A regular Sony PS5 DS would suffice for me.

SullysCigar240d ago

Same. i bought my galactic purple DualSense on sale and I'll do the same for the DualSense Edge. Black Friday, perhaps...