How The Last of Us Multiplayer Game Could Change The Status Quo of the Series

Game Rant Writes "Naughty Dog has ambitious goals with the upcoming The Last of Us multiplayer game, and it could end up influencing the entire franchise."

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shinoff218350d ago

Yea let's not do that. Leave the single player alone and please don't influence it. Pretty please.

-Foxtrot50d ago

Imagine the single player where you can just use in game points to magically spawn some body armour out of thin air


Ninver49d ago

Don't give then any ideas mate

dnawesum50d ago

But.... it was Part 2 that changed the status quo of the multiplayer with the open world section.

MADGameR50d ago

It is my most anticipated game for this generation. I can't wait for TLOU Factions 2 MP. I enjoyed Factions 1.

Godmars29050d ago

Would think the TV series' done that. Will very likely dictate a Part 3 if not cause retcons to 2.

Half13yte49d ago

Not necessarily. There is a four-year gap between Part I and Part II. The series could fill in those years and then end with Part II's storyline. If there ever is a Part III game, they could just release it after the series wraps up.

Shikoku50d ago

Don't know why they are even bothering, the first game had a tacted on MP and it wasn't very popular they shut it down like a year later. Just leave single player games alone, there is room for all types of game with out messing things up. 🙄 But greed knows no bounds I guess.

TheLordOfStuff50d ago

Lol "tacked on MP and it wasn't very popular" guess who never actually played it, this guy 👆

Factions was pretty popular, always a game to join, they most definitely did not shut it down a year later.

Do better.

Bathyj50d ago

I never actually played it and even I knew he was talking crap.

50d ago
jznrpg50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Nice story but it’s all wrong . Because it’s something you don’t like it’s greed ?

KyRo50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Wasn't very popular?! What? I was rank in the top 1000 in the world near the games launch and after not playing it for years. I'm now 18,000,000th.... (Some of these could be multiple accounts but it's still a huge number)

In a era when tacked on MP modes was the norm for a lot of games, Factions stood out and was brilliant. It just needed fleshing out more which is what we will hopefully get with the second game

hombreacabado50d ago

you sir have no idea what you are talking about.

northpaws50d ago


Don't want to be mean but you have no ideas what you are talking about. I spent at least 600 hours on the MP and it was one of the best MP experience I ever.

It is tiring to see people just act like they are so cool to hate all MP games, regardless they are actually good or not.

I personally don't enjoy COD/fortnite at all, played maybe 10 hours combined my entire life, but tlou faction, I couldn't put it down, slow paced 4v4 with very limited resources, so you have to plan your every step, when you turn around a game with only a few bullets, it is so satisfying, nothing comes close.

iEatNapkinz49d ago

Factions was some of the most fun in a multiplayer I've ever had around that time in video games. Over 300hrs on just that portion of the game. Definitely didn't get shut down and it's still up and running on the remastered PS4 version now


People still play it, it is still great, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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The story is too old to be commented.