Dying Light 2 New Roadmap for 2023 Lists Combat Updates and More, New Story DLC Details Revealed

The new Dying Light 2 roadmap for 2023 reveals new cosmetics and quests, combat and traversal reworks, and a DLC story expansion.

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Lexreborn257d ago

Dying light 2 was such a let down to me, why take things away from what made the first so damn good? Removing hubs was a huge mistake to me, and taking upwards 20 hours to get the traversal mechanics going was just not a good idea.

I was so hyped I got my friend to buy it never playing dying light 1. And I felt so stupid talking to him about how great the first was for him to feel like he wasted his money on the game.

Palitera57d ago

These are some of many serious contenders for "worst aspect of DL2".

Some others are:
- Barebones, repetitive "loot".
- Infinite bureaucratic dialogue.
- Slooooooooow story progression..

Lexreborn257d ago

I just don’t understand how it went from such an amazing game in the first dlc and expansions like nothing I had seen before while being online 4 players. And then you get dying light 2… a huge back pedal from what made 1 so good