Halo transmedia boss Kiki Wolfkill has seemingly left 343 Industries

VGC writes: "It’s unclear exactly what Wolfkill’s new role entails and whether she’s still working closely with 343, but VGC has contacted Microsoft for clarification.

News of Wolfkill’s departure from 343 comes after the studio was reportedly hit hard as part of mass layoffs at Microsoft."

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XiNatsuDragnel48d ago

343 is getting a massive shift imo.

jznrpg47d ago

It’s not your opinion it is for sure. Will it be for the better only time will tell but you still have the management above them that failed to see Halo wasn’t great like Phil said it was

darthv7248d ago

343 needed a shakeup... it's for the best for the future of the Halo franchise. I also read they may switch to Unreal Engine going forward.

Ninver47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Imagine if the next one turns out worse. Good God that'll be tragic. The pressure is definitely through the roof.

-Foxtrot48d ago

Oh well. She’s the reason we got that awful Halo series, she was driving Halo into the ground trying to spin Halo off into so many media directions when they couldn’t even get the games right

Thundercat7747d ago

She is not the only reason. Xbox management is at fault just like her.

-Foxtrot47d ago

Oh I’m general sure but he was heavily involved in overseeing the series

As you’d think being the trans media person at the company

Thundercat7747d ago

343 Industries is suffering a RARE situation.

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